Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season to LOVE <3

Sad to say, this Christmas has certainly not been much to my delight. =( Many unwanted or undesired things happened to my relatives. Visited 2 hospitals on Christmas eve... How bad can that be, you may ask? Sigh... You know, I used to (and still am) feel uncomfortable to just step in the hospital. I dislike almost everything in the hospital. The environment, the atmosphere, the facilities... Everything! It gives a feeling of being dirty, sicky... those kind... to just think back about it.. And a random but insightful thought just entered my mind- I was borned in a HOSPITAL!!!
But I realized that a hospital is a place where reaching out can be done. Jesus loved the sick, the poor, the needy and the list goes on. Not once, not even once Jesus avoided them, but rather He stayed close to them; helped them, healed them. And if I love Jesus and want to imitate Him, I have to learn to love not the hospital, but for the sick people in the hospital. But first, I have to stepped in the hospital. It's not something that I like doing seriously speaking... But, I want to care like Jesus did. =) I want to love them like Jesus did, and I'm not letting the fear or discomfort entering hospitals to stop me from reaching out to them. I will overcome it by the grace and strength of God. =)

This Christmas season, I learnt that it isn't much of giving and receiving presents; but rather the heart to care and show love to one another; particularly the people close to me. This Christmas has certainly been a meaningful one albeit not being able to attend church on Christmas eve.

May this Christmas be not just another celebration of festivals; but a celebration of hope, peace, love and joy. May we learn to love and care for one another more and more like Jesus.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never Stop!

Leaving for youth camp in less than 24 hours.
Have not packed.
Have not prepared totally for the song Majesty tomorrow.
Have not done so many things yet.

But above all these
I wanna give praise to God
For giving me the ability to trust in Him
In spite of what people may think and so on...

I need to trust in Him.
I really need to trust in Him completely =)

God I give my heart, my life to You
And I'll never stop giving it all to You
Take my life, take my everything.
Take my heart, take every part of me

I believe God has new lessons to teach me there.
I expect GREAT things to happen.
And I know He will. =)

Whatever I do, I'm giving my best to You. Open my eyes to the things unseen.
This is my prayer and my cry.

Hear from me when I get back. Till then! God bless =)