Monday, November 17, 2008

What I Like About You :)

You know... I realized not everyone was born to excel academically. No matter how much they have tried, sometimes studying is simply just not their strength. One may not be good in studying, but that does not mean that person is useless.

For everything God created is good. 1 Timothy 4:4a

Some may be good in drawing, some may be talented in singing, some were blessed with creative minds, some were born to be a blessing to others by having a caring and loving heart and the list goes on and on... Everyone is special, unique and different in their own way. It does not mean if one cannot live up to your expectations in certain things, it doesn't mean that person is any lesser than you.

One thing I've learnt. Never esteem yourself better than others. And never look down on people. Always be humble. :)

Seriously, I thank God He didn't create everyone to be smart academically. Really. Or else the world would be so boring and dull. It gives the feeling of living in a world where the only colour available is black. Okay, to have more colours, add in GREY and white. :) All of the same kinds. No variations. It's like in a large jungle, no other animals except for all tigers. No lions, no elephants, no birds, no squirrels, no worms, no deers, no butterflies...

See... How dreadful...


But praise be to Him! :D God is a God that is pregnant with creativity. He created each of His creations uniquely different in their own ways.

Like this!!


Some have wings, some have claws, some have stripes, some have long necks. Each has their own srengths and weaknesses. A horse has the strength to run fast. Eagles have good eyesights to catch its prey. A cameleon is able to change colours depending on its environment to protect itself from preys. You smart people could continue on the list for me, right? ;) hehe

Every one has their own kekuatans and kelemahans. But we tend to always focus and condemn others for their weaknesses. Have we ever thought that we too have our own weaknesses? Many of them in fact? Every one has a good and bad side or maybe habits or weaknesses. Instead of always looking or focusing on the bad things, should we begin to look at the good things in a person and focus on that?

Man, if people would actually do that, this world will surely be a much better place to live in. Less arguments, less fights, less problems, more peace, more understanding towards one another... More love in the air too! Don't you think so?

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world (or at least the world around you). Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead~

* & the words in ( bracket ) ~Melissa Ong~haha

Someone once said something similar to this, If you want to change things or see change, let the change begins within you first.

I Wish for a Shooting Star...

My hopes and my dreams
All live and breathe in You :)

How I love You
How I need You Lord
How I want You
More and more

*All of my life, I've never found such <3...

Friday, November 14, 2008

well... you know it.

Just dropping by to say....


and yeah...


and also...

T-A-K-E C-A-R-E! Jaga diri baik-baik. =)

and one more, before I forget

A-L-L T-H-E (very) B-E-S-T to SPMers and to those who are sitting for exams now or soon!

P/s: Please pray for me and my friends who will be sitting for finals soon; in about 2 weeks or precisely;16 days from now. Still have alot more to study. Sometimes you know it feels like padan muka for not managing your time well enough, procrastinating and not knowing your priorities. So, the final product- last minute work. Really. Oh well.. But by the grace of God, He gives wisdom to those who lacks wisdom; generously, without finding fault. That's why I love Him. haha. ;) But no, I don't love Him because of that. I love Him because He first loved me. :) Do keep my SPM friends in prayer too. Thank YOU with a cherry on top! XD To those who are done with exams, am very happy for you. :D Enjoy your hols... Have a happy Happy Hols!

God bless all of you , people! =)