Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blessed Happy New 2010!

I've never feel so relaxed the whole year (since 2009 started) till a few days ago! Seriously. I'm outdated.. In movies, even shopping and what not. Anyway, just a simple and short update.

1. Sunway Pyramid with cuzzy wuzzy cousins (and bro-short while) YESTERDAY, 30th Dec

2. Sunway Pyramid again TODAY (am not complaining ;p) with bestie and Denise

I've never found such awesome shoppers that has pretty alike taste in fashion clothings and most of all, can walk as fast as I do while shopping from store to store! Awesome lah. ;) ahaha.
As I close this year, I want to thank God for first of all, being my God, my Saviour, Bestest Friend, my Listener, Comforter, Encourager and lots more. Thank You, God for every single thing though there were times I disobeyed You, times I forsaken You, times I disappoint You, broken Your heart... but I want You to know (and I know You know) that I LOVE YOU, FATHER GOD. Knowing You, loving and serving You was the best (bester, bestest) thing that has happened to me! I'm forever Yours. =)
To my friends out there, I'm sorry if I've hurted you or offended you in any ways. My most sincere apologies. Thank you for standing my me watching me fall, grow and also encouraged me all along the way. You are the best. I may not have thanked you or showed my appreciation whoever you are, but I've learnt that good friends are real hard to find! Thus, I treasure every single good friend that I have like crazee! Ppl say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. To me, best friends are even better than diamonds. No words can describe whast best friends are to me. Soo sorry if I've made you feel 'geli'. But whatever it is, thank YOU!!! =)
*now I cut the ribbons signifying the closing year of 2009* *cut*

Watchnite Service @ church coming right up. I mean, NOW. =P

Friday, December 25, 2009

more. than. life. could. bring.

Blessed Christmas everybody!!!

May you find hope, joy, love and peace again this season of Christmas! May you find your true home and purpose.

Christmas season is always a busy season where finals are here, camps are on, christmas dramas and college events are going on. Or at least for me. It has been a tiring nevertheless exciting time seeing how frustrated myself can be at times when exams are near and you have responsibilities in church at the same time, seeing the smiles and laughters on your friends' faces, seeing hearts united as one, many 'hiccups' as well but God was in control. It was such a joy to serve God though I struggled so sooo much this month in putting God first above my exams. Yes, exams. I tried handling and accepting tasks which I can do on my own strength and said NO to other tasks coz I just wanted to have time to just relax off and study for exams.

One week before exams, my masterplan was to stay home- chill and focus on finals. But on that week, was the packed worship practises for camp (thank God for each of them who never really complained. They are awesome!). Also, drama practises which I initially refused to join. Till Siemens asked me again, then God spoke to my heart it's like you either accept me or reject me. Of course, knowing if this is what God wants I'll join. In my heart, I was really thinking God this is so crazy! Exams next week, Lord! I'm not even ready... Later on, during practice Aunty Karine who was in charged of the drama asked if I can be in charged of the signboards for props though I thought she asked the wrong person coz firstly, standing beside me is Sheryn- the creative girl in arts! Secondly, exams! In the end, I said, CAN. Coz I know God led me to this drama practice. But thank God, 2 days before the real Christmas drama, I brought it to cell and Sheryn, Fee Vien and some aunties helped. God surely will make a way when you are doing things according to His will. So in the end, done! yay.. that's 13 dec btw..

Finals- 16th Dec..

In between those dates, coordinate time for practice and attend worship practice, study a lil and feeling so weared out..

But guess what?!

God has been so good and merciful to me. I realized one thing this year or actually since I started to serve God more and more, God has given me this ability to study and remember facts of chapters whenever I spend time studying even if it's a few days before exams. I thought it was just that time, but after many exams, I realized God has blessed me with this ability to store alot of information as effectively as studying earlier. God redeemed my time that whenever I study, my mind is very focused.

I have alot more to share, what I've shared is only 1/4 of what happened in December for my life. If you want to know more, you can ask me. Can't write all. teehee!

Anyway, I would like you to drop by for our last Sunday of the year service. If you would still like to celebrate Christmas (okay, maybe not Christmas, but New Year) but you think its too late, scrap that thought off coz.... you still can! Drop by Grand Dorsett Hotel (formerly known as Sheraton Hotel) directly opposite @ SS12 this Sunday 10:30am. It's never too late to give your heart to Jesus. I'll be leading worship this Sunday. We'll be singing You Raised Me Up. Yup, by Josh Groban. God has indeed raised us up this year I believe, drawing us closer to the plans He has for our life, seen and unseen.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Christmas isn't Christmas until it happens in your heart- the story of the birth of Jesus that came to this world because He loves us. There's no greater love than one who can give His life for you.

Come! Come and you will not regret if you have found this love without condition. Hope to see you =)

Blessed Christmas again ya'll!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grieving with hope.

Spending 10 minutes to blog. =)

Today, I've received a heart-wrenching news- Uncle Joseph Lim (Calvin's and Collin's dad) passed away. Aunty Wendy and Hon Wei forwarded the message to pray for him when we received the news that he fell from the roof right to the drain. Apparently, he was fixing the leakage on his roof.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as soon as I received the news that he passed away not too long after I received the message to pray for him. It's like I almost couldn't believe it as it happened way too fast to actually think again that he's no longer here. I just saw him on Sunday, which was 3 days ago.

I can't believe it.

I still can't!

But I want to thank God for this gift- Uncle Joseph Lim. He has always been one of the nice guys in church who will randomly go up front to sing a song for his wife while strumming a guitar or even for guest speakers like Pastor Ann. I think many will remember him for his gentle and kind soul within him. Even right now, I have no idea why but a peace within my heart assuring me that he is happy in heaven. I know God orders Uncle Jo's steps. Every step of the way. May the God of all comfort comfort his family at this moment of time. My deepest and heartfelt condolence to Aunty Stephanie, my youth friends- Calvin and Collin and their sister.

Uncle Jo's legacy as High Praise King of Rock and Roll (a.k.a. Elvis Presley) will continue to live in our hearts.

Life is way too fragile. Treasure every moment you have with your loved ones- people who are precious to you... before it's too late!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Launch my youth like a cannonball

My church had a fund raising dinner for a new building last night- Fund The Fun Dinner @ SJKC Chee Wen. And our youth helped out in decorating the hall pumping hundreds of balloons, inserting bottle of sauces into the goodie bag.. Placing them on every seat. There's 100 tables. Each table about 12 chairs k.. COOL (Christ Our Only Lord) set up a booth to promote camp to all especially youths on that night. Wanna thank God for the 3 people who signed up. I'm sure those who signed up will have a life-changing camp by faith.

More pictures of dinner and others will come up I hope. Haha.

I'll be starting on a journey of reading a devotional and giving God 40 days to see what He wants me to do for the 40 days to come. Am curious yet excited at the same time to see how God can use my very tight and busy schedule to strengthen my faith by praying for other people's needs. I totally feel what the author is going through as I read a little of the book; how she felt so overwhelmed with all the responsibilities, both with her family and ministry that it consumed her life physically and emotionally. The important key in doing this devotion is to pray for others. As I pray for others, God will meet my needs. But that doesn't mean I can't pray for my own need, just that the focus will be more on praying for others rather than for myself. Teach me, Dad!

For more information on the book or if you want to read a little, feel free to search for Give Me 40 Days by Freeda Bowers at

Take care!!

Every moment is in Your hands, Lord

God, I pray that you will help me go through life's trials and problems that is found in the journey of living my life. Let not any afflictions or pain that I face be wasted. Reveal and show me Your purpose in allowing me to go through them. All things work together for GOOD for those who love you. You arrange my steps that I take. I trust in You.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joyful Friday

Tomorrow'a gonna be a busy, busy day.

My schedule:
8:30am-11:30am- Movies Class
11:45am-2:30pm- CF (Screening of Fireproof!)
12pm- Enter Eng 102 class to sign attendance and chiaoz (with lecturer's permission to all who finished presentation. Praise God!)
12:30pm-1 +pm?- Meeting with SC (Student Council)
1pm-1:45pm- Keyboard class
2pm-4:30pm- Money and Banking class
6pm-11+pm- Emerge KL @ Sunway Convention Centre
8:30pm- midnight- Cell group

People(or books) say that when you start to list down, you get a better picture and a better solution.
Well, I would say I got a clearer picture and now.. Finding out my priorities. Though most of them are?

Thank God that CF's annual report does not need to be done by tomorrow. Just got a rough idea on how to do it. Thanks to MMA's president, Kenrick Chua for the help. Now, I don't have to stay up late! Praise God, praise God!!!

Initially, I wanted to react big coz it's overwhelming, when I started to think of all that I have for tomorrow. Many clashes of agendas and meals- breakfast, lunch, dinner have to be squeezed. Till God gently nudge me on the way home from worship practise that He has given me His peace and He is in perfect control. Now I feel better, more at peace though nothing of my schedule changed. God's like my "Personal Assistant (PA)". (Of course He's more than that! hehe)Why? Coz He arranges my schedule and the places that I am supposed to go, and the things I'm supposed to do for Him. Well, sometimes I act smart.. Trying to do all on my own strength. Hence, I stumble or fall at times. But He offers His hands, picks me up and reminds me that this journey is not for me to go through(walk) alone. Oh how it comforts me!

So tomorrow's no doubt gonna be a super hectic (Fri)day, but I wanna enjoy my day at the same time!

"You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in You."
Isaiah 26:3 (The Bible)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How awesome my life would be, only if I had superpowers!

Parliment- A once (okay.. maybe a few.. ) in a lifetime experience. My advice; go if you ever get a chance. Seriously =)
Hello everyone! :))

How are you doing? I hope all is well! =)

I wanna always try to remember to thank God at all times! Thank God for the time to hang out at Mid Valley yesterday, with awesome people from MYPG and meeting new faces from Monash Uni! I totally enjoyed especially the time spent over the lunch table @ Spaghetti Grill. Talking on personality tests and seeing different personalities and characters especially some was entertaining. And I as my personality tells, am a pretty quiet one. ;D


Things I've accomplished today:
Updated 3 blogs- Segi CF, WiFi Camp, and mine! whee~
Sent emails to thank those who dropped by CF last 2 Fridays
Sent out emails for meeting time
Sorted out if there's quiz for Intercultural Comm.
And now... Re-check powerpoint slides for class tmr.

'I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me"

Jesus is the source of my superpowers! Though I get tired of doing soo many things at times *I'm just a human*, but when I fix my eyes on Jesus, He takes me higher than I think I could ever achieved. When I fix my eyes on tiredness and obstacles/ hardships, tiredness and staying at the same spot is where I will always be. Never know what I can do or what I cannot do... Unless I do and obey what God calls me to do. And of course, put my full trust in Him. Easier said than done. But possible! Nothing is impossible with God, that is!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Straight to the core of my heart

Today at church, God reminded me that my securities should be found in Him. Not on friends, not on $$, not on my own self, and also worldly things that are temporal. My trust must be on God ALONE.

Well, sometimes I forget very fast. So, I need to blog it here. Lol.. Sometimes I know something is not right in my life, but I don't know which part or area. But when God speaks and convicts, it goes straight to the core of my heart. Here, He starts revealing what is wrong with my life. Which areas of my life that is ugly and not pleasing to Him. And His unfailing and big, deep love fills and overflows me too.

Awestruck by my Daddy! =)

Back to assignments. Oh and do you wanna know the proverb created by me when you face assignments? hahaha. Chiaoz! ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'God Is Not Boring" - John Piper

Have you ever felt reading the Bible can be so boring? Or have you ever felt God is not a fun God, but rather a strict God who's yes is yes and no is no?

I've not been spending much time with God recently. I don't really know why till I start to check myself inside. Part of it, I think I'm getting lazier. Another part of it, I feel reading the Bible is a commandment, a must do as a Christian to grow. There are times where I fell in love reading the Bible when God shows how real He is. When He starts showing you part of the Bible that you thought you will never understand, when He rebukes or shows you what have you done wrong, when He inspires you with His words, when He gives you words of encouragement when others around you are not supportive or encouraging. When you think no one cares, no one knows, God says He cares, He loves you and He is watching over everything in your life. Even the times you just stand and sit, He knows. That is (my and our) God.

This week I'm feeling doing things much routine-ly, if there's such a word. And throughout the days in this week, God reminded me that I should spend time with Him because of one reason- because I love Him. Not because it is a duty (which I know it shouldn't be long time ago.. but I fall at this trap again and again at times) and because it is a commandment. A must do. I don't like being forced to do something; I like to do it because I love doing it! It's me! And God wants the same of me too. Just like how I like to do a thing- I do it with passion, with love, with a heart so willing; this is how God wants my attitude to be like- because I love God. So simple, yet maybe humans or myself makes it complicated.

If you are trudging along, believing you have to give, have to read the Bible, have to pray, have to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, I encourage you to stop thinking you have to do anything. You will discover that God will give you the grace to want to do the things that lead to a victorious life in Him.

Some Christians want to make a law our of studying the Bible or spending a certain amount of time with God. But we should be motivated to read God's Word and spend time with Him because of our love relationship with Him, not because of a commandment to do so.

Jesus said, "If you (really) love Me, you will keep (obey) My commands" (John 14:15). What He really meant was, "If you love Me and walk in fellowship with Me, you will keep My commandments." If you concentrate on loving God, then keeping His commandments will become a natural part of what you do. It is a promise He makes to you.

And do you know God is a creative God? How can I find new ways to praise Him- drawing a picture, writing a poem, compose a song perhaps?

Adapted from: (the words above in purple Italic)

Cookie is it's name

Just baked cookies! Doesn't taste as good as the first time I baked. Haha.. I tried to put in raisins... But unfortunately made it worst.. :( I tried making some with those sugary sweets but it melted. Didn't turned up the way I expected it to be. Shape... was horrible. But the taste...? Was nice honestly. Why can't I BAKE A COOKIE THAT IS NICE BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE?

Guess I need more try outs. In other words, practise makes perfect.

Tomorrow's Children' Day! Yup, what has it got to do with me?... Anyway, thought of baking a big cookie with a big initial 'B' for my youngest brother. But it didn't turn out because of the sugary sweets i put in. Well oh well... guess got to find another way or thing to make him :D.

I know! Slurpee aka Big Gulp from 7-11.
Mum's not gonna be happy though.
But.. It's Children' Day after all.


Colleges should start to celebrate Teenager's Day! Quick before I'm overaged.. please. =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Forgive Me, Dear Lord

Dear God,

I am sorry for being the disobedient kid that I am. I am sooo sorry God for not giving the tract to the person I'm supposed to give, led by Your Holy Spirit. I am frustrated, I am mad of myself! I don't know why I chose to ignore You when You are sooo real to me! Aarrggh... I am truly ashamed of myself. I am truly ashamed. God, I am sorry... Sorry to not do what You asked me to do. Again and again. How can this action be called a follower of God?

But deep down, You have never blamed me. Never condemned me. Never hated me or even hold back anything good from me. Your forgiveness and second chances are abundant. But Your heart cries out and longs for people who have not embraced Your love. Your heart chases after their heart. It's crazy to understand how long, and how deep is Your love for them! So much beyond what I can comprehend.

So here is the post of agreement. If i ever ignore You, remind me of this post. Bring me back here and remind me that You love and died for every one and everyone.

Your love is complete and everlasting, Jesus. <3

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Purity isn't just about girls, but boys too!

Hi! I just wanna share this dream that I had.

First scene: There is a group of people who were mostly girls unashamed talking to one another excitedly how they lost their purity. *Add in laughters and giggles in that situation* Then a girl and soon some of them from this group started to invite or ask a girl lets call her C who was not associated the group (who has not lost her virginity) to join them. This girl C stood up and said no! How can you all do such things?!? This girl C was the only one who was not yet influenced. Then she left them and went aside to the piano.

There's this second scene... In short, a guy who was sitted alone trying to control himself very hard. It seemed to be an almost big struggle to control himself than to let go of himself and be part of the others in the world around him. A girl came and tried to share a drink with him.. but he said No! Then the girl tried to persuade him (can't remember what she did...) and he said NO! The guy was trying to control himself as much as he is aware and could.

This dream is sooo different and unusual. That's why I'm putting it here coz there's understanding to the dream. It is like a life-lesson dream.. So, here, I'll share on what I think!

When it comes to the word purity, doesn't it somehow reflects more on women than men? Purity isn't just about girls, but rather both. Purity isn't just a matter of keeping your body as clean as possible, it's about watching what you think (your thoughts), what you say (your speech) and your doings daily (actions). The Bible says not to be conformed to the patterns of this world, but by the renewing of the mind through God's Word. Now, that's where the testing comes in right.. It is waaayyy easier to conform to the ways of the world than to stand firm and filling your mind with things that are good, encouraging, noble, true, pure.. It's easier to join a gang and be part of a gang, to feel accepted and not rejected... even when it requires you to compromise your values and faith... Will we be the one who will be laughing away and being part of the ugly side of the world, or will we be the one who will stand firm and say no to doing what is wrong??? It even comes down to something simpler; will we be found cheating in a class that's cheating, or will we be found blameless and fautless in a class that's cheating. In college, cheating is like such a norm! And sometimes, I ponder... If girls don't love themselves, don't love the body God has specially given them, who else would? Your friends? NO! Your family? No! Your future husband/wife? NO! It's YOU yourself!

We need to draw a line for our thoughts, actions, words and not cross over the line. As in set a standard of what you will do and what you will not do, what you will speak and what you will never speak etc. So that when a situation popped at your face, you wouldn't be thinking "Should I do this or not?" or "Should I say this?"... Even in friendships or relationships with the opposite gender, somehow, there should be a certain boundary and limit to not cross over with someone of the opposite gender.. We need to watch our actions constantly and ask ourselves what is the purpose or motive we're doing that. When we do ____ or say _______, what will they think? Will we cause them to fall or stumble?

Have you been let down by a person older than you before? Sometimes we place alot of expectations on people, how they should perform or behave and all we get is disappointment. Sometimes you can't expect a person that's 40+ to behave like their age. The person that'll make you down is yourself, because of your expectation of the person. I believe, age should not and never be the measuring bench for maturity and wisdom. It is found in person who is able to stay calm no matter what the circumstances may be, a person who is able to think and decide well, a person who is able to carry themself well in front of public and personal space, think and act reasonably and does not let their heart and emotions rule over what is right and what is wrong.

p/s: If this post offended you in a way, I'm sorry.. but this is a blog after all.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Jesus doesn’t just feel sympathy for the broken, He empathizes with us. In Mark 1:40, a leper kneeled before Him and begged, “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” Jesus, “moved with compassion,” responded, “I am willing; be cleansed.” What is amazing here is the fact that while Jesus could have just spoken a word of healing over the leper, He went one step further. He stretched out His hand to touch him (1:41). For a Jew to touch a leper was absolutely unthinkable. But such was Jesus’ compassion for the sick and rejected.

“Does Jesus care, when my heart is pained, too deeply for mirth and song? When the burdens press and the cares distress, as the day grows weary and long?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes! He does!” When we are afflicted with disease and pain, He cares. When wegrieve the loss of dear ones, He cares. When we are confused, desperately needing leadership, He has compassion for us. When we are mistreated, He feels for us. When we dredge ourselves into the mire of sin, He grieves over that disaster. When, in hardness of heart, we even hatefully oppose Him, He continues to feel for us. No wonder the “goodness of God” leads us to repentance (Rom. 2:4)! May we all say, “I will show compassion to others, because my Jesus first showed compassion to me” (1 John 4:19p).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Seasons of life

Quoted from my youngest brother, Ben, who is 10 years old btw, after showing him the pictures below... This is what he said: "Even eggs have a life of their own." Haha.. That's a good one.

Anyways, I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends who have been with me by my side. I did not utter a single word of what I've been going through. But you all came to find me or ask me how I am at the right time. When I really, really needed a friend... you guys (friends) came flocking in. Wow.. Must be the hands of God behind it. Thank you so much, guys! Thanks, God!

Here's some pics to spice up my day, and I hope yours too =)

Oh nooo!!! Save me!

haha. er.. robbers?

i personally like this :)



'Don't kill me!"

:'( and :O

All of these pictures reminded me- I had 4 eggs in total for today. Yum!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The battle belongs to the Lord! I need to get rid of all those 'dirts' that makes me unclean. Consecration-
—willing to do whatever, wherever and whenever God wants them to do (which is a pure weakness of mine) is a must to be at the battlefield. I forgive those 'lies'. I let go of the things that I shouldn't be holding on to. I break the power of darkness in Jesus Name. I choose to set my eyes and my heart on King Jesus!

Going for ThePlan09. (click on ThePlan09 if you want to know what it is) Ahhh... *excited-ness!*

Have a wonderful Raya break! Take care!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Day lyrics ;)

Because you had a great day
You're taking one up
You sing a happy song just to keep it around


I had a grrr-eight day! :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

If only I can control my tongue

"If you think you are being religious, but can't control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and everything you do is useless. You must help needy orphans and widows and not let this world make you evil." The Book aka Bible
God, help me to control my tongue. Guard my tongue from slipping words that would not encourage others or will put someone down. Help me to show love and mercy to the people I meet each day, just as how You have shown me.

Blueberry crumble

Was contemplating between leaving or removing, leaving or removing my previous post on my results. I can't imagine a person or my friend who has done well, better than mine has to say.. Lol.. And compared to my results... What is mine?

So, conclusion..

I decided to....

Leave it. Why? Coz it is the work and the grace (good things I don't deserve) of God. There's no reason why I should feel bad or embarrassed if there's someone who has done better than me, definitely there will always be. But this is me. My standard. I may not be the best. But I'm doing God's best. I hope. Haha. There is no reason for me to feel ashamed. My results, I hope will be a testimony of God's undeserved grace that I really, really don't deserve with the amount of effort I put in sometimes. I have to admit that there are times when I do assignments last minute or procrastinate. I am ashamed of myself at times for my attitude of procrastination, but nevertheless, I am proud of my God.

Anyway, I found a new interest. I think...


I just found a pretty cool designer's cake website.

Rocky sticks (My favourite) on cakes! Simple yet elegant.

Piggie cupcake? Haha! Pretty!

Or maybe I just love the designs?!?

Gotta give baking a real try... SOON!

Oven, here I come!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Melissa is

In need.... Of a hair cut

Thinking of..... Songs for worship for Sunday

Anticipating for.... More movies to watch

Praying hard..... That her mum will pay and let her go for keyboard class

Learning to..... Watch her tongue from saying words that are not encouraging

Craving for..... delicious ice-creams!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

you're a star!


Having Coffee Jelly Frappucino at Starbucks Summit now. Waiting for the later class.

Anyway, results were out...
Summer 2009: Human Resource Management- A
Chemistry- B

A little disappointed for Chemistry. I wonder if anyone got an A for Chemistry. I wanna know who! =) If there is, a big congratz as you must have really really studied, understood every single possible facts and did very well! Chemistry was tough and a killer, but still thank God for giving me the strength to study till late nights, wisdom to grasp easily and awesome team mates who sail through storms with me.

I love God's Word especially in times when everything is against you, ( meeting assignments and projects due date seems impossible, not enough time to finish reading and understanding your textbooks for mid terms, finals, can't understand etc...) coz His Word gives me hope and encouragement. As I believe in His Word, and work (in this case study) as if I can finish whatever I think I can't finish in time, by faith I fix my mind and keep studying and studying or keep doing assignments even when it feels impossible to finish them... But as I study, God opens my mind and help me to understand fast and remember. And as I just keep doing my assignments believing I can finish it with God, at the end of the day, somehow whatever seems impossible is possible! Just have faith in God. And work/ study!

God's Word says: Faith without action (study) is dead. James 2:26

From the deepest depth of my heart, thanks God! I definitely couldn't have made it to the Dean's lists/ Academic Excellence Award for 3 semesters out of my 4 semesters in college. I am really, really amazed by You!

I hope these results ( at the bottom of this post)are good enough to glorify God. To me, it is God's grace, mercy and faithfulness that brought me through. I couldn't say more than God deserves the glory, honor and praise. My results may not be the best in ADP now, but I will work hard and try to be the best with God's help. I trust in Him that all things are possible. =)

Summer 2009- GPA: 3.3
Fall 2008- GPA: 3.5
Spring 2009- GPA: 4.0
Summer 2009- GPA: 3.5

So yeah, the results posted here are not meant to brag or whatever... but I hope to encourage all of you that really, with God, you can do all things!

Back to college,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret #5

Secret #5: Purity loves its Creator at any cost:

Even if it requires of you letting go your heart's desires, putting God first and trusting that He knows what is best for you; purity chases after a love relationship with Jesus first.

-from the book The Bride Who Wore White-


Had a wonderful weekend last week. Attended LYPG on Saturday morning, youth in the afternoon, badminton session with my CF friends in the evening and dinner after the oh-so -beautiful game at AC at night. I've improved in badminton after getting started on Saturday. how much? tiny weeny. better than before at least. lol.. It's been a loong time ever since my last proper badminton match. Oh well... Sunday?! No need to mention- church :) Caught in 3 things all at the same time from 9:30am-10:30am... Had to choose between those 3, but solved. Big thanks to Ong for taking over projector for me! XD Back home , thought of going to my piano teacher's house to practise but she was busy on that day. So, sent Su Ann home. Came home, had guests, dad's friends from Penang. Ate dinner and off to drop by grandma's house for a short while. The smile on grandma's face taking her out the other day to walk around at a mall was priceless!

Anyway, I just had my last piano class of my life this morning if I passed my upcoming piano exam this Friday. (Of course, there's still Diploma if I want.)... I don't know what to say... I don't think I am ready for it. But I'm not giving up till the very last minute. Gonna practise and practise and practise and give my best this Friday. Even if I failed, it's okay.. It's not the end of everything or my life. What I reap I sow. 50% of the students who sit for grade 8 comes out fail. That's how hard. And I only started learning the pieces 4 months ago.. When others have at least about a year to learn up... If I were given a choice, a year would be good, not 4 months! But I know I have the Holy Spirit. With God, I can do everything. But I need to practise! Faith without action is as good as nothing.

And today, she said my scales had improved though I did not practised much. I was suprised at my scales too. She also said to me, if I had practised like now since last time, then good lor. She sees me as putting alot of hardwork in my last minute effort.

I'm a one-one task person. I handle things one-by-one. That's when I set my mind and I will reach it. But when it comes to multitasking, it won't work as well as on a one-to-one task.

We were talking about my degree course, and she mentioned, piano also needs to study! And the thought came to me to perhaps google what are the characteristics of Barouque period and other periods to learn more and perhaps if able, add in to my piano pieces. Since it will help me in a bigger way in the future with more knowledge on these Baroque periods etc, why not learn as much as I can and do my best, instead of focusing of passing and passing, though I will still practise to passed.

I don't know la if I'm gonna pass or not... But God is still God amidst my failures and successes. He is great. sizeless, bigger than I can ever imagine. My heart will praise Him in good times and bad times. Blessed be His Name.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

au revoir et salut.

Both of my friends are leaving for US. I know the both of them through CF in SEGi College SJ. These people have been the strong pillars to CF and they served God faithfully in many ways.
Jason Tham is his name. He is one of the funny people who makes CF livelier just by being himself. I look up to him for his love for God- simple and pure love for God. Always ready to serve at all times. I remember those times Ms. Jaime and myself trying to finish the booklet for camp- typing, found out something was missing or wrong, so retype, print, reprint, photocopy, and again, arranging, stapler-ing. While I, the new secretary at that time who was supposed to know how to do it along with Ms. Jaime, my CF advisor struggled and started getting a little panic as next day was camp already, Jason on the other hand came to help us as we didn't have enough people to help, and not only did he helped to solve the problem, he was so calm and somehow had his way in accomplishing the booklet. Pro man! And while we were tearing the papers into 2, he joked and asked us:
Jason: What do you call the person who tears?
Me: Uhm.. Tearer..?
Jason: No, terrorist.
And the 3 of us started laughing off..
This guy can do almost anything. Games, worship, tell jokes, study, eat, sing, secretarial work also can... I guess he never really limit what he can do. super flexible. awesome!
Hey Jason,
I'm so going to miss you when you go to US. No one will help me out to do my secretarial work anymore. lol.. just kidding. You are an awesome friend. You helped me out in sending Chemistry powerpoints when I really needed it for reference as I lost my pp in my pendrive. Anyway, you are really cool lah. To me, you are just you. You never try to be someone else. I have not heard you using any filthy language or bad words (so far). Nor have I ever seen you bragging or flirting around with lecturers. You worked hard in your studies and you are disciplined. I pray you will keep holding on to God when you are in US. All the best in your future undertakings! See you when you are back in 2 years! God bless!

This is Jasmine Teh. Passionate, God-fearing, caring, likes to camwhore, shopping queen are some words to describe her. When i first entered college, she was one of the first Christians I know. She was like a big sister to me somehow in college. Once when I was trying to sell church carnival coupons to her to raise funds for new church building, without hesitating she bought it. And it really surprised me at her heart for God. Though I may not know her so well and spent much time with her in college, she is still one of the who has an amazing love for God that is also shown through the way she lives her life. Like Jason, she too has her own principles and will not compromise her faith for any other things. God bless you and watch over you every single moment in US. Take care! xx
Au revoir et salut.
which means goodbye and take care in French.
Gonna miss both of you!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going on beyond my wildest dreams

New challenges arrive. Have you ever done something which all this while you were just wishing you can do this or never believed you could actually do it as it is beyond your wildest dreams, but you dare not do it coz it's simply what you are not good enough at or not where your main talent lies or you care about what others think about you?

I think I've done that. Been through many similar cases.

I dare not even think where I am right now and the things that I am doing and going to do. It's beyond my wildest dreams! But it's a life full of challenges, full of surprises, anticipation, dreams, going to lands you never thought you would step foot in! All these involve risks and taking a step or steps out of your own comfort zone- a place you get so comfortable and complacent, where everything is fine, perfect, absolutely lovely for you. It's like you are living in bungalow house, and you think that's the best... but the truth is if you are willing to open your eyes and look out, you will see and know that there is a bigger house than a bungalow. This is just an example I can think of at this point of time. hahah..

Telling the truth being out of the comfort zone is never comfortable. That's why it is out of the comfort zone! But no pain, no gain right... Likewise, it is so hard to comprehend at times when God asked you to do something which you so easily wonder and ask "Why me?!" "Why not Sharon or Matt? Why ME?!?" "God, it's crazy! How in the world am I going to do it?" "I don't like this! It hurts. It's embarassing." "There's other people better than I am..." And also, one thing I learnt, if you don't want to do what God has called you to do, He can find other people. It is us who will be in the losing end coz we will lose out on something God has for us if we were to take that step of faith to say yes to Him. God believed in you that you can do what He has called you to do, or else why did He find you? He called, He will give us what we need to accomplish it. *Speaking loud and clear to Melissa Ong* ;p

I realized if God called you to do something, He has a plan for your life, which you might not see it now or understand no matter how deep you try to imagine or think, but God really does have a plan. As I take the step of faith to the things God is calling me to, I pray I will be faithful and will not lose by giving up one fine day. It's hard for me. Real tough. I told God the other day that I didn't know serving You could be this hard. Sometimes, it's the people. Sometimes, it's yourself- getting over fears, unwillingness to put God first above your agendas, time and other excuses.

But I know and pray one day, I will stand before God and proudly tell Him with joy that I've accomplished His purpose for my life and have been the person He has created me to be. Though there's pain in the offering, my comfort is God is there for you.

*Leading worship in the main service on Sunday. First time. God bless me and be with me. May people be touched and experienced God's sweet love in a wonderful way. God be lifted up most high. And last Sunday, I unlocked a treasure from a song. It's when you are at the lowest place- down at Jesus' feet, that is actually the MOST HIGH place. *From the song No Higher Calling- Down at Your feet O Lord, is the most high place*

GBU and me too. In need of God's blessings. Scared.. lol :)

Thanks a million!


How are you guys doing?!? Well, though I was away from blogging last month (except for SEGi Revo posts), but I do read your blogs as often as I can. =)

July was a pretty good month. (yay!) very hectic, no doubt to the point where I almost couldn't find a slot to go out with my bestfriend, Hannah who came back from Australia. But I did! *which I uhm didn't do flyering for SEGi Revo for that day.. My CF president aka boss, Terrence helped me out on that day. Thanks so much man! But I don't think he will read this. But thanks so much, or else I can't go shopping with bestie!! Besides meeting up with Hannah, July was full of wonderful moments- road trip after CF, Revo meetings, dinner at IKEA, trips to SEGi KD, CF, many captured and uncaptured moments as well. Not to mention, assignments and finals in the same month! Crazy, really crazy as I think back. But every moment captured and uncaptured was truly worthwhile, being with different people and good friends, of course. ;)

In short, I just wanna thank everyone who made my birthday so special and memorable to me. It was heartfelt, every single thing big or small YOU did for me, it was totally heartfelt. Every sms-es, every phonecalls, every facebook birthday comments and wishes, (friendster too ;p)pressies, blog posts and others which I might have left out, it meant a million stars to me! You lighten up my day! Not to forget the pretty shocking surprises- birthday surprise at my house by my friends, McD... Thanks alot from the bottomest bottom of my heart!

Jason and Ms. Jaime!

Lunch @ Sushi King with Jason and Ms. Jaime. So thoughtful and sweet of them. <3>

Teatime/dinner with mum and bro. Sakae Sushi, Pyramid. Oh and did I mention I love unagi! Teppanyaki! My new favourites! ;)

Big thank you shout out to Terrence and Sandra! This birthday I realized my family didn't sing birthday song for me as we didn't put up candles on the slices of cakes they bought. Anyway, I refused to have a big cake when my mum asked. A struggle to finish most of the time also. ^ So yeah.. back.. Terrence and Sandra came over to my house to surprise me at 11:30pm. Sandra tried calling my hp many times but couldn't as I was using it. So Sandra called my house phone and kononnya need to talk something important to me. And as I opened the gate to meet her, there came the both of them singing in the middle of the night when neighbours are most likely to be found sleeping. I blew the candle on the lovely doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It was really "awww..." moments. Touched deep down inside. hahaha! *shy face*

And no need to mention, my awesome youth friends who gave me a lovely surprise just to make me feel touched and loved on Saturday. And I do really feel loved on that day. Thanks, ya'll! <33

If I could sum my whole birthday in one word, BLESSED would be the word! Truly blessed. And as much I thank all of my lovely friends, I want to thank my Father in Heaven who loves me so much more and He truly made me feel loved and special on my birthday too. How?!? Secret. Ask me personally, I'll tell. Without Him, I know my birthday wouldn't be as it was. Surely it was Him who was behind the scenes. Giving my friends thoughts to remember and celebrate my birthday. I choose to believe this way. I know He was working behind the scenes deep down in my heart. =)

Signing off.

Yay! My first August 2009 blog! Felt like ages since the last time I really blogged for real. ;p

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Come for SEGi rEVOLution PARTY!!! ;D

For more details, please drop me a comment or visit

Let the rEVOLution begins.... with me :))
* Try reading the capital letters backwards... And be amazed at the word you see! :))*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SEGi Revolution PARTY (concert)

Wanna see change in your college?

Wanna live a life of impact and influence?

Then you are at the right place.

SEGi Revolution P.A.R.T.Y is storming Kota Damansara this coming Friday!

Date: 17th July 2009, Friday
Venue: Auditorium A, SEGi College Kota Damansara
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Price: Free admission (just be there)
Transportation: Buses provided from SEGi College Subang Jaya. Free of charge too. ;p

What to expect?!? : A time of awesome worship from ACTS Band, real messages, freebies giveaways (T-shirts, CDs, cool designed notepads etc), straight from the heart performances by SEGi KD and SEGi SJ. And not to mention, fabulous SEGi Revolution t-shirts will be sold on that day.

So, what are you waiting for? Decide now. And I am sure you won't regret a single minute being there.

Below, is the front and back of our SEGi Revo flyers. You can use it to invite your friends. Please check out (just click on the given link and it will direct you there. :) ) for more info regarding this event. Or email . There's many ways you can contact us. 010-2766199

Hope to see you there!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's a happy day!


Life couldn't be better than this. Haha. Attended youth camp meeting. Youth service. (Reynolds came! Finally :) as well as Billy and Daren! cool.. Thank you! ) Through The Roof 2 Concert at HSG. Met up with Hannah. Dinner after mum picked me up. Awesome possum!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pretty pink!


I've changed my blog's background color! XD
I got too tired with the old one.
So I decided to just sit down and take the effort to do some changes to my blog.
Though I hardly have time for myself anymore these days!
But at least I'm happy now- with the change! ;p
Changes are good; most of the time? haha
I've got to learn to chill. Teach me, someone? Please? hahaha! jk.. though i seriously need to just sit down and at least take a moment to dream. hahaha =)

p/s: How's my new design for my blog? ;)

p/p/s: I sometimes wonder if anyone still reads my blog. I hardly update. Also, my chatbox has been pretty silent. Especially after I got spammed. But I am not offended seriously. It's always how you choose to view it. Ask me personally if you want to know how I viewed it! I'd be glad to tell you! lol

Jogging out. Take care! God bless!


Thursday, June 18, 2009


I understands how it feels when one keeps dropping by a blog, and the next thing you see.. is the same post you dropped by last time- eventhough it was ages ago. I am sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. triple sorry..

A short update on my life:
1. I don't know where should I start
2. I guess I'll start from here- MYPG. Attended it after knowing it's where God wants me to be on that day. Made commitment to Him. Got helpful and encouraging conversations. Must be God who was in the middle planning this to take place.
3. College life
- Praise God for good results last sem. 4.0. Definitely not what I deserved. God's grace and mercy.
- Thank God for friends. Fee Vien especially. She has been there since day 1 I started college. This sem is the first sem not being in ALL of the same classes with her. Feels something missing at times. haha! what to do... =p
- Taking Chemistry and Human Resource Management. 300++ chemistry questions to be completed in 6 days! 4 weeks in a row of campaign also for chemistry. We're doing on food chemicals. Thank God for Revathi, Ai Li, Era and Puteri. They are awesome so far. :) HR Management. Also another craziness.. 2 big assignments with a total of 50 marks out of 100. not going into details! praise God for guiding me to take 2 subjects this sem. Gotta excel in my studies and at the same time serving God- which is always worth it though can be time consuming and energy draining. But it's a joy and honor.
4. CF. Starting a prayer group. Outings once a month. Meeting. in general.
SEGi Revolution P.A.R.T.Y. Alot of planning. And filling in the gaps. God is at work and in control. I like it when He is the big boss overlooking everything. :)
5. Youth and church. I have really awesome and super fun friends there. People who just know how to have fun! love them! <3 God has been faithfully speaking to me every week since porbably a month or 2 ago through the simple messages. Sometimes I just couldn't focus or I am just distracted.. That is when He steps right it and say He wants to speak to me. And so, I try to listen. God can really use anybody even the normal ppl you see in your daily life to speak to you. But sometimes, we've got to be sure if it's from Him or not. ;p Also, a place where my weaknesses are shown. He says my weaknesses must be shown so that His strength can be seen. It is not easy I can tell you! But if that is what He wants to do and use, use it then. I still need to learn alot on surrendering to God everything. Like everything.

I believe I have more to say. I've gtg now.. chiaozz..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

mentol lampuku (my lightbulb)

Kaulah kekuatan hidupku
Memberikanku harapan
Yesusku percaya
Dan ku mencintaiMu
Kaulah pelita hidupku
Menyinari jalanku
Sepanjang hidupku
Ku 'kan mengikutiMu
Yesus Kupercaya, THE ACTSPERIMENT 2.0, ACTS Church
Ku percaya padaMu. Ku serahkan segala yang ku ada untukMu, Yesus. Dan ku mahu dan akan mencintaiMu segenap hatiku, seumur hidupku.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Higher :)

"Rain and snow fall from the sky.
But they don't return WITHOUT watering the earth
that produces seeds to plant and grain to eat.

That's how it is with My words
They don't return to Me
WITHOUT doing everything I send them to do."
Isaiah 55:10-11

Let it be my desire to have Your will in my life. And a reminder to me that You're ways are not my ways; and Your thought are neither my thoughts. For Your ways and Your thoughts are always, always higher.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Letters

I hardly write on my blogs posts that has much of my feelings and thoughts for quite some time. This post will be one of my firsts.

Anyway, today, something really unpleasant happened. I don't really want to go into details- But one thing for sure the devil is always trying to cause alot of disharmony, disunity, arguments, misunderstandings in family, circle of friends, relationships etc... and if we are not careful and alert, we might just fall right into his plans. And now thinking, that is what exactly what he wants to do in my life right now-stopping me or at least slowing me down for now. I almost fall into his trap in a very rational manner. But thank God for sending someone to remind me of this once again. Trust me, there are so many things satan is doing. The more you're on fire for God, the more he'll try to stop you or at least slow you down...

Letter #1:

Dear someone oh-so-precious,

You were someone I looked up to somehow in a way because you are wise in thinking and in making decisions. And most of all, you loved me. What you said just now hurts me. Even more when it comes from you, who is uber close to me. I kept quiet because I respected you and I wanted to know what and how you were thinking. I really respect you and that is why I kept quiet and let my tears flow even though I knew I could have answered you. But I've learnt today to speak up what's running in my head when it is necessary, all for the betterment of us in the big picture. I really hope you would understand me.

Oh and it doesn't really matter if heaven has real gold or whatsoever because it really doesn't matter to me at all, you. I loved God because I know Him and experienced Him and that's what makes me- me, now.

I still love you anyway.

Letter #2 :

Dear College,

Could I have another month of semester break please? Pretty please... I didn't really do the things I wanna and planned to do for this semester break yet. I had so many things on my shoulders to carry that I didn't really have much time for my ownself. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Me. :)

*Maybe I should just dream on~ ;)
edited: It's okay. I take back my words. I would DEFINITELY (yes, definitely. ;) )love having more time to do the stuffs I wanted to do, but I guess in the end of the day, it's a question of what impact it'll bring. Temporal or eternal effect? ;)

Letter #3:

Last but not least my very dear God,

After coming back from practise and after what happened, I loved YOU even more! You are the best, God. When things aren't so pretty, You were always right there comforting me. I want to learn to praise You at all times though sometimes I am just so blinded by what's happening around me.But I know it won't be for long because You will lead me back to You. Just in the nick of time. Hehe! ;) You've blessed me with so many wonderfully awesome best friends, and I thank You soo much for them! but You are my ever bestest friend. My SVEBFF! super, very, ever... Many friends come in and out, but you're always in lah, God. Sometimes, some of my friendships- especially real good ones, just crumpled like that. And I feel uber sad. But I always want to remember that You allowed everything (even and more so the bad ones) that happens in my life to happen for good even when I can't see it. So, I'll put my hope and trust in You. Coz Your Word says all things work together for good (Romans 8:28). So, Lord, You have every area of my life, my friends, family, studies, future, career and everything that I could and could not think of right now.

Jesus, take the wheel.
Take it from my hands.
Coz I can't do this on my own.

Jesus, Take The Wheel
Carrie Underwood


Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovely pies

From L to R: Ying Yin, Soo Chin, Poh Ling and me. And yes, they are my awesomest and wonderful friends. :)
* Not only them of course. If you're reading this, you are one.. Coz ppl who read my blogs care about me and my going on(s), yes?... haha. jk..

As promised in my previous posts, here are the pictures. More will be on facebook!

On a lighter note, I love listening to the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus for now!

There's always gonna be another mountain.
I'm always gonna wanna make it move.
Always gonna be an uphill battle

But sometimes I'm gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there.
Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.
It's the climb

The Climb, Miley Cyrus

On a goodbye note:

Have fun in Kampar, Ms. Tan Ying Yin! I/We (CCBC) know you can go through it even though life won't be so easy there. Ex-Service trainee mer.. :D Hehe!
And yeah, I will improve my Mandarin and you also improve your English too k? One day, I'll speak more 'complicated' Mandarin to you. Just wait... Haha! Take care!!!
Gonna miss you tonnes!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


More of these pictures comin up real soon. ;)
Heavy Wed and Thurs awaiting this week! And Sat too?
Oh well, He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

H.B. Tiff and Ong! ;)



Hello! :)

It has been a pretty loong time not updating my bloggie. Sorry.. :((
I don't know where to start... from my last post or just go straight to what's happening now.

Anyways, I'm having semester break for MAY! whee~ But pretty packed with activities or going outs with people and friends. I know I can say one thing- I love going out! I really love going out anywhere but obviously RIGHT places alright... haha!

Anyway, my cuzzy Michelle is going back to NZ. So, we the cousins had a farewell for her last Fri. The meeting point was my home. Had durians bought by Erik. Scrumptious, that's for sure. *thumbs up*

After that, we had mamak sessions. Eat, talked bout their younger days etc. My dad was there too btw. My dad and my cousins are really close. My dad was the one who took care of them when they were young, played with them, taught them to have fun... My dad clicks really well with them. That's why he is here in this COUSINS gathering! Proud of my dad in a way. Reached home at 2am. Sleepy. Found out something... My cousins are really cool! They're a hilarious bunch of people, crazy and pentingkan persaudaraan. Pentingkan persaudaraan... That's the most important. That's what I'm really proud of them.


Blessed Birthday, Tiffany Kwong! :))

You're a really nice and sweet girl. Nice and friendly to everyone-both young and old. When people speak to you, they or at least their hearts are enlightened. You make the people around you happy. I hope you'll stay you and never change any good part of you. Keep having the heart to learn new things and also about God. I know He has great plans and future for your life. Stay close to Him, girl and He'll never let you down. oh and you are gorgeous inside out. xx.

Left to right: Tiff and Ong :)

And Blessed Belated Birthday, Ong Hui Zhe! :))

You are... a visionary. I believe God has placed soo many gifts and talents within you to use them for His glory. Continue to catch His heart. I pray God will show you the great plans that He has for your life in His time. I know He will. :D Stay close to Him. And don't forget He is always with you wherever you are. Keep walking steadfastly in Him. And be the man He wants you to be. You're an awesome and God fearing guy. May God continue to use you mightily in your college and else where to be the salt and light for Him. Ong, you rock! :)

Looking forward for tomorrow. Day with my girlfriends CCBC members. They ROCK my world in NS! I love them so very much!Hehehe!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

When was the last time I remember? hahaha

I remembered mentioning in one of my previous posts that I can't imagine how big God's hands is when I look at mine; and therefore how big God really is! *Something like that*

Today, I learnt something which I've forgotten... God is a Person who does not have a body. God is also a Spirit. Unlike us, we as God's creations have a body and God's Spirit lives within us.

I think I have made God too small in my eyes. I tried to measure how big He is. I know it can't be measured but I was thinking the other time how BIG God really is as in His whole self (body). And I realized He is soooo BIG that even the biggest body can't contain Him; that's why God doesn't have a body! Unlike us who are so small and tiny when we see from God's point of view.

Which is a good reminder. :) Just got back from music practice. And during worship time in music practice I was also remindered that the God I serve is BIG, Mighty, awesome God. Sometimes I need to be reminded that God is way bigger and I should not make Him too small in my eyes. I can go on writing... but I'll end here. And yes, also reminded He'll never leave me nor forsake me. What a promise. Oh and the power of prayer... Do you know when you pray you are being God's vessel... Just now, we sang a song called Everytime I Pray. And something hit me and this came to me. "Do you know God answers you prayers when you pray?" Like the song we sang just now..., everytime we pray, we move the hands of God. We are God's vessels for Him to use and move. Keep prayin'!

p/s: Its so easy for me to blog when its about God... but when it comes to updates about what's going on in my life even though there's so much happening... I need motivation. lol. help!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When life's road gets a lil bumpy...

When life's road gets a little bumpy and harsh...
With no clear sign boards to show us the right way to go.
It makes living in this world one of the last things in mind.
Sometimes, life is filled with so many choices.
That we don't know which one to take.
With the hope that we won't end up to the road of Neverland.
But on the bright side, at least we can choose.
And sometimes life feels like a rollercoaster ride.
It takes our emotions to the highest and also even the lowest point.
More like potential and kinetic energy if you get what I mean.
Or the boiling point for water.
Or worst, salt; which exceeds the limit.
Just sometimes, things just don't go right no matter how hard we try and try. Not very much the way we want. But isn't that life? Well, at least for me, I spell that life.

Have you ever felt this way?!?
I have! Hehe. But God has proven that He is right there when we needed Him the most. He's there all the time in fact, just that we tend to take God for granted in our lives. But God is faithful. God is a God who is close to us and answers our prayers. Let Him be your strength when you are weak. This is when His strength is made perfect- right in our very own weaknesses. And remember, Jesus is there to hold you. :)

A song I've found while searching for lyrics of other songs. Though I never heard this song before. But the words are just too meaningful. :)

"Sometimes you're weak and weary
Feels like your heart is breaking
Nobody close enough to ease your mind
Seems like the night is falling
The darkness has you crawling
You wonder if you'll ever reach the light
But you've got to know that
The Father's always there by your side

We will overcome heartache and sorrow
We will overcome all the pain in this world
We will rise above the cares of tomorrow
We will overcome
We all get disillusioned
With all of life's confusions
Sometimes we simply have to walk by faith
The road may not be easy
But there is hope and healing
Remember help is just a prayer away
So don't be afraid
He will give us all the strength that we need

When we struggle thru the hard times
There's a peace that comes from the Lord
Just remember He is faithful
So believe and trust in Him more
And don't be afraid
He will give us all the strength that we need. "

We Will Overcome by Jaci Velasquez

# Take life easy. God didn't make life too hard that you can't overcome. He has a reason for everything He does. Perhaps to make us stronger and stronger. Life's lessons are ALOT. Alot wey... We'll never learn it all in a day or in a month. It takes a lifetime. Lifetime... But throughout this hard fought journey, rest assured you're not alone and God is always with you. This is His promise. And you bet, His promise is complete and unchanging. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


NOTHING is impossible with GOD! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. =)
<-- Luke 1:37. The verse I will hold on tightly to again and again with my hope, faith and trust only in Jesus.

Tell me... What is impossible? ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


*click on the picture for better view* Enjoy! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's okay... :)

It's okay... :)

I'm pressed but not crushed
I may be persecuted, but not abandoned
I may be struck down but I am certainly NOT destroyed.
I'm blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure
His joy is gonna be my strength.

Though the sorrow may last for the night
But joy comes in the morning! :)

It's really okay. Because no matter what happens, God is always here with me. Revenge or hard feelings need not be there coz it is God who judge. Not others.

Overcoming evil with good. :)

Into Your hands, I commit my circumstance to You.
Jesus, take the wheels.
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this on my own.

You are my strength and my shield. My heart trusts in You, and I am helped. Psalm 28:7

*Updated: Well, now I know why I went through that. Coz God wanted to let me feel what He went through when He was still on earth 2000 years ago. And what I've experienced... was only a glimpse. Imagine how much Jesus actually went through... Sigh..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bought Over :)

Just a few hours ago, I had a wonderful conversation or so called discussion with Fee Vien and Hon Wei. And it made me realized and reminded that God is such a patient and faithful God. God sees us the way He created us. Hon Wei gave an example: God sees us as Fee Vien, Melissa etc. He doesn't see us like... "Here's a man. Here's another man." I simply cannot comprehend how great God's love is for us that we are sooo precious in His sight!

A phrase that I read today: The whole universe fits into the palm of God's hands! Imagine.. Not just the earth, but the 8 other planets plus the stars that God has called each by its own name and the galaxies... All into God's palm?!? How amazing... When I look at my own palm, I cannot comprehend how BIG God's palm is and so, how BIG my God really is! Definitely, beyond what my mind can comprehend. :)

This Easter, I am reminded once again of God's Love. The Love that gave His only Son to redeem us from our sins. That because of us, He who was rich became poor and we who were poor became rich.

Lord, I am extremely sad
when I think of what You've gone through for me!
The pain and agony must have been so real to You
even to this very day
But I thank you so so much, Lord
For the price You've paid for me on the cross
For the stripes, condemnation and rejection
I am humbled by Your saving grace
That because of You
I am free
I am redeemed
I am restored
I am healed
That because of You
I have victory in life's battles
In You, I celebrate Life
A victorious and abundant life!
All I know is...
My Redeemer Lives
Both now and forevermore.
I love You, Jesus
From the bottomest bottom of my heart
but still...
You loved me so much more!

I have more to say on what we've shared in cell group and what God impressed on my heart. We shared about commited lives today. But will not be blogging about it now. Sleeping time :)
But here's the verse that God reminded me of: The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully commited to Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

p/s: I think my heart is beating for my nation? Or perhaps I should say, I know... How come?!?