Thursday, January 29, 2009


God... I love YOU!
And I miss YOU very much too...
I'm sorry for seeking You wholeheartedly
Only when I needed You
Or when something unexpectedly good happens.
I'm sorry Lord
When You have to do and add certain things
To hold my heart closer to You
So that I would seek You.
I'm sorry that I draw close to You
Coz I needed You,
And not coz I had loved You sincerely...
I'm sorry, God...
I'm sorry...

I'm sorry, Lord. Real sorry. ='( I just wanna say "I love You. I really do, <3 You"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Red is the Colour of My Favourite Rose!

Hey all. It's the time of the year again where we all look sooo forward to! *grins* So, here's wishing you from the bottomest bottom, warmest warmth of my heart:
A Very, Blessed, Happy Chinese New Year! :DD
to all who are celebrating and Happy Holidays! :DD to those of you who tumpang gembira. It's very nice of you. lol.. We'll tumpang gembira back when you're celebrating yours. Deal, alright? ;)

This CNY, let's make a difference in other's lives and see how we can be a channel of blessing to them! =)

Gtg. Reunion dinner coming up right next!

TC. Chiaozz.. =)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13.01.09 =)

It's 4 days after getting my last semester's results. And I am still so grateful every day to God for my Business Law results. The gratefulness and the feeling of unbelievable is still pretty much on me.. Even more when I found out I'm one of the 2 students who got a B for Business Law. And that's the best result, as no one got an A. I know it wasn't my own strength, but by God's grace. He deserves the honor, glory and praise!

As I glanced back and recalled those moments of studying, I can just cry... ='(

It was really so pressuring, the intense atmosphere of my own world of not sure what grade I would get. The thing about Business Law is not just about understanding it, but also being able to write it out. At one point, I felt like I couldn't express what I've understood in writing. Freaky, I tell you! hahaha..

During the intense Business Law revision I had one week before exam, God has been my source of strength. I felt like giving up so many times. But God encouraged me through His Word- Nothing is impossible with God and also whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23

It was during those moments when I really needed encouragement and have to be optimistic even when I feel my world is literally so dark, God has been the light shining, guiding me and walking with me throughout the so called 'dark' or tough moments to me! Moments when I did not utter it out, but it was in my heart of giving up, God was telling me to hang on. Again and again... From that onwards, I've decided to study everything I can and just do my best and trust God for whatever results I will get. =)

One thing I've learnt is there is NO shortcut in life. And that goes the same for studies. There's no shortcut in studies. One must work & study hard. I used to think of the study smart concept and how it comforts us that we don't need to work so hard, just work smart; but now studying HARD is equally important! :))

It's really true... Trust God with all your <3

Well, truly God has shown me His power, His promise, His love & faithfulness in another semester again.

*Thank You, God!* <3<3<3

Tc.. Tata... =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Praise God!

  1. Last semester's results are out. I obtained 2As for College Algebra with Application & Management Principles & 2Bs for Introduction to Computer Application & Business Law. I told God it would really be a miracle to get this CGPA result due to the Business Law subject which was a 3rd year subject plus the high standard set by the really good lecturer. But, I got a 'B' for Business Law! So unbelievable... Was expecting a C honestly coz lecturer's standard is really, really very high. But praise God! Nothing is impossible for Him. =)
  2. All in all, I also reached my target by the grace of my loving God; which is to achieve a CGPA of 3.5 or above at least once in one of the 3 semesters per year. And I did it for my first year! Truly without God, I am nothing.
Truly an amazing God! <3
Inspired by 1 Corinthians 9:24- Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize....
I will study aiming for an A, so even if I dont get an A, I'll get a B. I prefer aiming high. My church pastor once said, "If you're an A student, be the best A student. If you're a B student, be the best B student. That goes the same for C, D and other grades. The main thing is simply to be the best YOU can be!" But hope will not be on the results. Hope is on God. So whether what I achieved is good or not so good results, the joy of the Lord is my strength. He gives and takes away. And I'm not gonna regret any decisions made in the past. There's only one way to move that is MOVING FORWARD.
To those who didn't do so well or didn't get what they expected, don't ever dare to give up. Don't let this semester results bring you down alright? =) This is not the end. It's only the beginning of better results ahead. Nothing is impossible! This is what I believe and hold on to.
Chiaoz... Tc GBU =)

Long Awaited Love

Attended my cousin brother's wedding dinner, tea ceremony and all... last Saturday to be exact. It's something once in a lifetime for them- marriage. Though it depends in the future. But I bellieve they'll stay strong despite the storms, winds and tornado(s) in life. =)

Anyway, will let the pics do the talking as usual. * Everybody SILENT PLEASE. Okay... Pics YOU CAN TALK now! Still can't hear you.. Louder please... =p* I'm crazy now. I know actually. hahah..

Btw, before the dinner night.. Had Bachelor's Night... So I guess I'll blog from dates which is much easier to see and to do. =)

2nd Jan 09 (Fri) - BACHELOR'S NIGHT
Had dinner. Played Nintendo wii. Roamed around the super big new house. Glanced their wedding photos. Superbly nice~

My ever gorgeous cousins- Su Chen, Su Ann and me

Nintendo wii.. Seriously uber cool! Played it for the FIRST time & AMAZED! Just tie the consoler's strap around your wrist and move your wrist around to play. XD
Stitch is bigger than what you see over here!

Wedding photo album. Nice~

TEA CEREMONY - 3rd January 09 (noon)
On the way for this tea event, we got lost and ended up on the highway; paying 2 tolls... just because we missed a turn. but we reached finally. thank God!

Here comes the bride!

Grandma =)

Ada gaya photographer, cuz! =)
Bride and groom =)

Parents and parents-in-law ;)

WEDDING DINNER - 3rd January 09 (nite)
Had plenty of fun + camwhore sessions with cousins especially & others too, not forgetting really great, sumptious food! Really good! So not kidding. Was held @ Nikko Hotel, 3rd of January 2009 =)

Siblings. "We know how to camwhore too! =p"

hahah.. that's what they do to the guys before getting the bride. oh btw, it's video being played.

random shot. trying to act like a pro photographer. lol

Camwhore gang on wedding night XD

God given family =)
did funny things & snapped funny shots after dinner ended. but, not posting them up. pai seh.. hah..
cuzzy wuzzy cousins!
FINISHED. DONE. OVER. HAHAH.. Took quite sometime. was blogging & chatting...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Watching the Nite 2008 Pass Me By...


Whassup? Was at church on New Year's Eve for Watchnite Service to celebrate & praise God for His goodness and faithfulness throughout the year 2008. Pastor Alvin mentioned something like this: "Some people attend watchnite service to welcome the new year 2009; whereas some people attend watchnite service to chase away the old year 2008." Very interesting! It all boils down whether one is an optimist or pessimist. And always, the optimists are the very ones who would most likely to succeed because they are the ones who are able to look even at the worst things at another perspective and take it as a lesson to learn and to see if they can make something good out of something not so good. This is my point of view. Anyway, I like optimism. Not sure if there's such a word... but I really like optimism. haha. But surely hope I can remember to be one at ALL times. =)

Glancing 2008 back, God was indeed gracious to me and my family. He provided every of our single need. We weren't lacked of anything good! He provided financially too though there were tough times. He used many people who came across our path, and even our very own near relatives to bless us. And we too, choose to bless others knowing when we bless others, we are being God's extended hands and feets. =)

2008 embarked the many first beginnings in my life; being away home for a duration of 2 months +, bathing using sarong, meeting all sorts of ppl with different personalities and characters, college life and the list goes on...

2009 will be a great year for me albeit there would not be short of trials and testings. How do I know it would be great?? Optimism. haha =) Pastor mentioned during service about the ONE THING. There are many things, many purposes and visions one can ever have. But what is the one thing that God wants you to do this coming 2009? The one thing...? I am encouraged by a guy named Caleb found in the Bible. An ordinary guy but so purposed-driven.

God told the Israelites that God is going to bless them by giving them a land that will be filled with milk and honey; and the Israelites were very pleased to hear that. But when they discovered the land was being conquered by a huge and strong tribe of other nation, they started to doubt God, disobeyed Him as they felt inferior as well as impossible to do it. But what caught my attention when I read the verse again. It says, "But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly....." the word that caught my attention was wholeheartedly. Well, even the Israelites followed God but only Caleb followed God wholeheartedly, all the way, without reproach and turning back. Caleb was not distracted by others or other works. He knew his vision and he seized it.

This coming 2009, God has placed the ONE THING in my heart. I want to have a different spirit and follow God wholeheartedly in the one thing He wants me to do just like Caleb. I want to achieve the promise that He has for me. But I need His strength, His encouragement, His grace and His Spirit every day, every moment. The fear is always there. But when there's fear, I certainly cannot achieve the things of God because I'm relying on my own strength. But His perfect love casts away all my fears. Today, I am encouraged. WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. =)

Anyway, posting some COOL pictures taken with my COOL youth friends after the service. =)

Fee Vien.. My twin sis! jk. lol.. my chilli HOT AND SPICY sis in Christ. Or strawberry sweet? HAHA

3 MACHO GUYS who want to block the girls from stealing the limelight. XD Sharing is caring you know... lalala ;)

Anyway, 2008 has come to an end. It either has been a great or not-so-great year for some of us...

Well, as for 2009...

No one knows what will happen...

Though things may not be PERFECT

Or turn up the way we expected them to be...

And maybe even some unwanted things,circumstances or situations popped by in 2009...


We will still (and never stop!) keep rocking on for Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith! :)


*A lil late... sorry... =(*

sheer cheers for '09!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

COOL Summer Vacation!

Youth camp was AWE to the SOME! It was fun, amazing, simply enjoyable. We had a very entertaining yet anointed servant of God, Pastor Nicholas Choo. The theme for this COOL Youth Camp was ID-ME; which means Identify Me. This camp certainly has reached its goal as it helped me to discover myself better and to know that I am God's masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10 says it all- For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. For those who do not know, COOL stands for Christ Our Only Lord.

For now, let the pictures do the talking. Sit back, buckle up your seat belts as the pictures takes you on a journey of the 4 days 3 nights camp at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Malacca. Enjoy~

This is part of the COOL Youth worship team =) the most front girl is Melissa Pang whom left recently for her NS stint. We'll miss her very much... but God has His purpose in sending her there- to be the light and salt for Him!

That's our awesome speaker, Pastor Nicholas Choo praying for us...

One thing God has taught me in this camp was it is not God who has to move to suit himself to my plans and dreams; but rather it is I who has to move forward to align myself to God's plans and dreams or my life.

We did drawings on 2 boxes. One was a box of God's dreams for us.

This is how it looks like. :DD Well... mine was not too nice as I didn't really put in as much effort as some of my friends who made really nice ones. The top right is mine fyi.. haha =)

And one of the best part of the camp was obviously.... the GAMES!

Acting game, station games which comprises of walking in a team with arms locked, each one memorizing Ephesians 2:10, eating apples in pairs, paper stepping game... whatever you call it..., taking out balloons from flour using your mouth, scissors, paper, stone game in a different way.... Might have left out others.. Anyway, recalling all these from my memory through looking back at pictures. =)

Apple eating game :)

First pic: Blue team posing after the flour station games; Second pic: picture with youth friends! XD

More pics...

Btw, we learnt to make balloon sculpture too. How cool is that?!?! So uber cool!... Well, at least for me. Teehee. Have always wanted to learn that. :)

Balloon sculptures... fyi, Pastor Nicholas uses these balloon sculptures as an aid in preaching. Seriously, every time he does that, all eyes are on him. One interesting way in grabbing our attention. Oh.. he does magic tricks too. And he taught us a few~ Tell me again, how cool is that?! haha.. lol..

And of course, our hang out aka Maggi time... while watching a movie called Christine. On the last night, 16 youths slept in a room meant for 4 ppl. Awesome? lol..

Anyway, I'll end with...

We are Making A Difference for God because we are His masterpiece!

Ephesians 2:10 - For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

Pictures courtesy of Uncle Colin. Doubt he'll read this, but thanks a whole lot!