Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret #5

Secret #5: Purity loves its Creator at any cost:

Even if it requires of you letting go your heart's desires, putting God first and trusting that He knows what is best for you; purity chases after a love relationship with Jesus first.

-from the book The Bride Who Wore White-


Had a wonderful weekend last week. Attended LYPG on Saturday morning, youth in the afternoon, badminton session with my CF friends in the evening and dinner after the oh-so -beautiful game at AC at night. I've improved in badminton after getting started on Saturday. how much? tiny weeny. better than before at least. lol.. It's been a loong time ever since my last proper badminton match. Oh well... Sunday?! No need to mention- church :) Caught in 3 things all at the same time from 9:30am-10:30am... Had to choose between those 3, but solved. Big thanks to Ong for taking over projector for me! XD Back home , thought of going to my piano teacher's house to practise but she was busy on that day. So, sent Su Ann home. Came home, had guests, dad's friends from Penang. Ate dinner and off to drop by grandma's house for a short while. The smile on grandma's face taking her out the other day to walk around at a mall was priceless!

Anyway, I just had my last piano class of my life this morning if I passed my upcoming piano exam this Friday. (Of course, there's still Diploma if I want.)... I don't know what to say... I don't think I am ready for it. But I'm not giving up till the very last minute. Gonna practise and practise and practise and give my best this Friday. Even if I failed, it's okay.. It's not the end of everything or my life. What I reap I sow. 50% of the students who sit for grade 8 comes out fail. That's how hard. And I only started learning the pieces 4 months ago.. When others have at least about a year to learn up... If I were given a choice, a year would be good, not 4 months! But I know I have the Holy Spirit. With God, I can do everything. But I need to practise! Faith without action is as good as nothing.

And today, she said my scales had improved though I did not practised much. I was suprised at my scales too. She also said to me, if I had practised like now since last time, then good lor. She sees me as putting alot of hardwork in my last minute effort.

I'm a one-one task person. I handle things one-by-one. That's when I set my mind and I will reach it. But when it comes to multitasking, it won't work as well as on a one-to-one task.

We were talking about my degree course, and she mentioned, piano also needs to study! And the thought came to me to perhaps google what are the characteristics of Barouque period and other periods to learn more and perhaps if able, add in to my piano pieces. Since it will help me in a bigger way in the future with more knowledge on these Baroque periods etc, why not learn as much as I can and do my best, instead of focusing of passing and passing, though I will still practise to passed.

I don't know la if I'm gonna pass or not... But God is still God amidst my failures and successes. He is great. sizeless, bigger than I can ever imagine. My heart will praise Him in good times and bad times. Blessed be His Name.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

au revoir et salut.

Both of my friends are leaving for US. I know the both of them through CF in SEGi College SJ. These people have been the strong pillars to CF and they served God faithfully in many ways.
Jason Tham is his name. He is one of the funny people who makes CF livelier just by being himself. I look up to him for his love for God- simple and pure love for God. Always ready to serve at all times. I remember those times Ms. Jaime and myself trying to finish the booklet for camp- typing, found out something was missing or wrong, so retype, print, reprint, photocopy, and again, arranging, stapler-ing. While I, the new secretary at that time who was supposed to know how to do it along with Ms. Jaime, my CF advisor struggled and started getting a little panic as next day was camp already, Jason on the other hand came to help us as we didn't have enough people to help, and not only did he helped to solve the problem, he was so calm and somehow had his way in accomplishing the booklet. Pro man! And while we were tearing the papers into 2, he joked and asked us:
Jason: What do you call the person who tears?
Me: Uhm.. Tearer..?
Jason: No, terrorist.
And the 3 of us started laughing off..
This guy can do almost anything. Games, worship, tell jokes, study, eat, sing, secretarial work also can... I guess he never really limit what he can do. super flexible. awesome!
Hey Jason,
I'm so going to miss you when you go to US. No one will help me out to do my secretarial work anymore. lol.. just kidding. You are an awesome friend. You helped me out in sending Chemistry powerpoints when I really needed it for reference as I lost my pp in my pendrive. Anyway, you are really cool lah. To me, you are just you. You never try to be someone else. I have not heard you using any filthy language or bad words (so far). Nor have I ever seen you bragging or flirting around with lecturers. You worked hard in your studies and you are disciplined. I pray you will keep holding on to God when you are in US. All the best in your future undertakings! See you when you are back in 2 years! God bless!

This is Jasmine Teh. Passionate, God-fearing, caring, likes to camwhore, shopping queen are some words to describe her. When i first entered college, she was one of the first Christians I know. She was like a big sister to me somehow in college. Once when I was trying to sell church carnival coupons to her to raise funds for new church building, without hesitating she bought it. And it really surprised me at her heart for God. Though I may not know her so well and spent much time with her in college, she is still one of the who has an amazing love for God that is also shown through the way she lives her life. Like Jason, she too has her own principles and will not compromise her faith for any other things. God bless you and watch over you every single moment in US. Take care! xx
Au revoir et salut.
which means goodbye and take care in French.
Gonna miss both of you!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going on beyond my wildest dreams

New challenges arrive. Have you ever done something which all this while you were just wishing you can do this or never believed you could actually do it as it is beyond your wildest dreams, but you dare not do it coz it's simply what you are not good enough at or not where your main talent lies or you care about what others think about you?

I think I've done that. Been through many similar cases.

I dare not even think where I am right now and the things that I am doing and going to do. It's beyond my wildest dreams! But it's a life full of challenges, full of surprises, anticipation, dreams, going to lands you never thought you would step foot in! All these involve risks and taking a step or steps out of your own comfort zone- a place you get so comfortable and complacent, where everything is fine, perfect, absolutely lovely for you. It's like you are living in bungalow house, and you think that's the best... but the truth is if you are willing to open your eyes and look out, you will see and know that there is a bigger house than a bungalow. This is just an example I can think of at this point of time. hahah..

Telling the truth being out of the comfort zone is never comfortable. That's why it is out of the comfort zone! But no pain, no gain right... Likewise, it is so hard to comprehend at times when God asked you to do something which you so easily wonder and ask "Why me?!" "Why not Sharon or Matt? Why ME?!?" "God, it's crazy! How in the world am I going to do it?" "I don't like this! It hurts. It's embarassing." "There's other people better than I am..." And also, one thing I learnt, if you don't want to do what God has called you to do, He can find other people. It is us who will be in the losing end coz we will lose out on something God has for us if we were to take that step of faith to say yes to Him. God believed in you that you can do what He has called you to do, or else why did He find you? He called, He will give us what we need to accomplish it. *Speaking loud and clear to Melissa Ong* ;p

I realized if God called you to do something, He has a plan for your life, which you might not see it now or understand no matter how deep you try to imagine or think, but God really does have a plan. As I take the step of faith to the things God is calling me to, I pray I will be faithful and will not lose by giving up one fine day. It's hard for me. Real tough. I told God the other day that I didn't know serving You could be this hard. Sometimes, it's the people. Sometimes, it's yourself- getting over fears, unwillingness to put God first above your agendas, time and other excuses.

But I know and pray one day, I will stand before God and proudly tell Him with joy that I've accomplished His purpose for my life and have been the person He has created me to be. Though there's pain in the offering, my comfort is God is there for you.

*Leading worship in the main service on Sunday. First time. God bless me and be with me. May people be touched and experienced God's sweet love in a wonderful way. God be lifted up most high. And last Sunday, I unlocked a treasure from a song. It's when you are at the lowest place- down at Jesus' feet, that is actually the MOST HIGH place. *From the song No Higher Calling- Down at Your feet O Lord, is the most high place*

GBU and me too. In need of God's blessings. Scared.. lol :)

Thanks a million!


How are you guys doing?!? Well, though I was away from blogging last month (except for SEGi Revo posts), but I do read your blogs as often as I can. =)

July was a pretty good month. (yay!) very hectic, no doubt to the point where I almost couldn't find a slot to go out with my bestfriend, Hannah who came back from Australia. But I did! *which I uhm didn't do flyering for SEGi Revo for that day.. My CF president aka boss, Terrence helped me out on that day. Thanks so much man! But I don't think he will read this. But thanks so much, or else I can't go shopping with bestie!! Besides meeting up with Hannah, July was full of wonderful moments- road trip after CF, Revo meetings, dinner at IKEA, trips to SEGi KD, CF, many captured and uncaptured moments as well. Not to mention, assignments and finals in the same month! Crazy, really crazy as I think back. But every moment captured and uncaptured was truly worthwhile, being with different people and good friends, of course. ;)

In short, I just wanna thank everyone who made my birthday so special and memorable to me. It was heartfelt, every single thing big or small YOU did for me, it was totally heartfelt. Every sms-es, every phonecalls, every facebook birthday comments and wishes, (friendster too ;p)pressies, blog posts and others which I might have left out, it meant a million stars to me! You lighten up my day! Not to forget the pretty shocking surprises- birthday surprise at my house by my friends, McD... Thanks alot from the bottomest bottom of my heart!

Jason and Ms. Jaime!

Lunch @ Sushi King with Jason and Ms. Jaime. So thoughtful and sweet of them. <3>

Teatime/dinner with mum and bro. Sakae Sushi, Pyramid. Oh and did I mention I love unagi! Teppanyaki! My new favourites! ;)

Big thank you shout out to Terrence and Sandra! This birthday I realized my family didn't sing birthday song for me as we didn't put up candles on the slices of cakes they bought. Anyway, I refused to have a big cake when my mum asked. A struggle to finish most of the time also. ^ So yeah.. back.. Terrence and Sandra came over to my house to surprise me at 11:30pm. Sandra tried calling my hp many times but couldn't as I was using it. So Sandra called my house phone and kononnya need to talk something important to me. And as I opened the gate to meet her, there came the both of them singing in the middle of the night when neighbours are most likely to be found sleeping. I blew the candle on the lovely doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It was really "awww..." moments. Touched deep down inside. hahaha! *shy face*

And no need to mention, my awesome youth friends who gave me a lovely surprise just to make me feel touched and loved on Saturday. And I do really feel loved on that day. Thanks, ya'll! <33

If I could sum my whole birthday in one word, BLESSED would be the word! Truly blessed. And as much I thank all of my lovely friends, I want to thank my Father in Heaven who loves me so much more and He truly made me feel loved and special on my birthday too. How?!? Secret. Ask me personally, I'll tell. Without Him, I know my birthday wouldn't be as it was. Surely it was Him who was behind the scenes. Giving my friends thoughts to remember and celebrate my birthday. I choose to believe this way. I know He was working behind the scenes deep down in my heart. =)

Signing off.

Yay! My first August 2009 blog! Felt like ages since the last time I really blogged for real. ;p