Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missing you like crazy!!! =(

I miss you very much, Hannah! You're one of the bestest girlfriend I ever had. Thanks for being a great blessing and encouragement to me! You've impacted my life to who I am today. And yes, you've added colours to my old school days! XD

It's crazy having to let you go... Just now, jc asked me. "How come I looked like I don't feel anything that my friend is going?" I answered, "You expect me to cry now?"
Okay.. Truth been spoken. Although I don't LOOKED like I've lost a friend, I totally FELT like I've lost one of the people who meant the world to me. I've cried several times. I've sobbed several times. Well, mum was right when she said I should feel happy for you that you are pursuing your studies at a higher level. At first, it didn't make sense that I should feel happy when my friend is leaving.. But now, I agree with her on this. Though I still don't feel totally happy inside yet honestly.

Anyway, I know that God will always be watching over you there in Australia. He is the One who will take good care of you and protect you while you are far far away from home. He has great plans for your life. And I pray that you will shine for Him wherever you are. Stay HOT in Him, hottie!

I'll miss you very very much! Sigh.. I already am!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time of My Life =)

Wonderful people of God! :) I thank God very much for these very people He has placed in my life during my 2 months + stint in National Service. They are the very people who encouraged, loved, cared and prayed for each other especially when any one of us were down, or faced difficulties in one way or another. We are the Kem PLKN Batu Jong Siri 5/Kump 2 *i guess* CFers! WE ROCK! no?! Haha.

Anyway, gonna keep the words in this post brief. So the pictures will do the rest of the work. ;)

Best pose of the year (Male) Lol.. =)

And best pose of the year (female) hehe.. They're gonna 'kill' me if they see this. hahah.

Dorm mate+ CCBC member ;) + CF friend + good friend=XIN HUI =)

semi failed shot i guess.. =(

Happy people :D

Wai Yan.. Awesome in the inside :)

Good brothers in NS.. the 'jokers'.. And clowns.. ppl who make CF livelier.. xp


Julian (Initial Ketua CF before Wai Yan took over after he left)

Food, food... Ah... Food... Starbucks!

Chocolate sprinkling time ;)

And lastly, the pic of us together in National Service.
Missing in this gathering: Eleazar, Wei Yee, Renee, Shen Yang. Unfortunately, 2 out of these 4 of them lare iving in perak =(

Happy Sunday! XD

Sweet 20~


Thanks for all the memories we have in growing up together. Thanks for playing with me! ;)Thanks for being such a sweet, lovable cousin who would cover up for me when I make mistakes.
Thanks for supporting me or my idea even when it is a lil (a lil only) crazy at times. hahaha ;)

I hope you had an AWE to the SOME birthday. And best wishes in finding the Mr. Right for you.
Stay sweet, stay kind, loving and obedient to your parents. I truly looked up to you for that. :)
Take care. I <3>

Sunday, February 8, 2009




What better way could it be than to experienced the power of prayer yourself before going for a prayer meeting???
Answer: No better way.

Anyway, just a short post. My friends and I were on the way to go for LYPG and his car suddenly broke down not long after picking me up.

Jason: *speaking to Julian* Do you feel my car is ________? (not so good signs from the car.. cant remember what exactly)
Me: *heard their conversation but didn't really bother. thought nothing would happen..*
Not more than 20 seconds later, Jason stopped his car at the side of the LDP and I was like 'what happened?'

Anyway, the car 'died'. The four of us got down the car... Checked the car, but still couldn't find out the cause of it. =( Car could not start up. It would die back again even if it could start up. (Am I right, Jason?)

*things happened. but I shall go straight to the point*

In the end, Julian suggested that we pray... and we prayed... and guess what???

The car started up again! WITHOUT STOPPING AND DYING OFF AGAIN! THANK GOD!!! :DD Jason asked us, 'should we continue going or go home coz afraid can go but cannot come back...?' Of course continue! lol. On our way back we stopped a few times for the car to rest, but it was great and worth it overall to be able to attend lypg, for me. I wanted to be there, knowing this is where God wants me to be for that day. :)

All in all, thank God for bringing us there and for helping us to reach there safely. ;)
Thank You for testing our faith. hahaha.
Thank You for a great time of Your presence. =)
Thank You for showing me who to ask to go. It wasn't by accident that each of my friends were there.
Last but not least, a big thank you to my friends who came along with me. THe 3 J(s)- Jason, Ji Chuan and Julian. Appreciate your company alot! But most of all, it is God who has planned for you all to be there for a purpose, not coincidence. =)

*Updated as requested... haha It's done =)*

Take care. Goodnight. Chiaozz..

& Happy Thaipusam & Chap Goh Meh =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

sugar lollipops!

I'm soo EXCITED!!! lol..

I'll be going for LYPG; Local Youth Prayer Gathering tomorrow at People's Park Baptist Church from 11am to 1pm. It's an event where youths from KL and PJ gather to seek God's face and pray for our nation. Here's the link if you wanna check it out or curious what it's all about. Click on HERE! *on the word 'here' if u dont get it =)*
Hehe.. Anyway, God never fails to amaze me... He literally made streams of water in a desert; opening shut doors for me. I asked God if going for this prayer event is where He wants me to be as I want to be where He wants me in... And He confirmed it through Isaiah 38:4; where because Hezekiah prayed, God had mercy on Him and extended his life for another 15 years. This has taught me the power of prayer. You never know the real power of it till you experienced it yourself. :)

Second one from Isaiah 42:6-8. The main points:

  • God has chosen me (and He has chosen you too!); God is with me

  • To bring light and God's promise of hope to the nations

  • Most importantly, God will not let humans or idols share His glory and praise ( a BIG reminder to me)

And also Isaiah 43:8- To bring God's ppl together. Tell everyone of every nation to gather around. Which I believe means tell the ppl around you about this and together let's gather to pray.

Because I'm convinced God wants me to be there and to start going this month, not other months, I know I will be just there though I dont know how to get there yet. But I trust God that He'll settle it for me. =) The shut doors I meant above was my transportation problem. My mum allows me to go but she asked me to find my own way there. Not because she's mean or anything, but coz she's really tired of being the driver fetching me and my bro to and fro whether for practice or tuitions after her work and it takes alot of her time, and sometimes she even has to give up her own plans to compromise with our plans; which I totally understand. But I really need her to bring me there... And when I asked her nicely and tried to convince her many days ago, her reply was no. It's like she has to put a stop to this once and for all; stopping me from getting more involved in Christian activities. After that conversation, it's like there was almost no hope and you-can-just-forget-about-asking-her that kind of feeling. Was figuring out of taking a bus, lrt and all with my friend. And then another friend popped in my mind. He planned to go too! I believe God has placed us there; it wasnt by accident. =)

Anyway, to cut it short... Yesterday night, I asked my mum again. *It was my third attempt this week* And I asked her if she is going to the market on sat morn.. And she asked me... Why?? I told her I'm gonna go to the prayer event there by bus then gonna walk. And I told her just wondering if she could fetch us there. Somehow, honestly I felt God had soften her heart that day( Thursday) coz of another incident where I needed her to take me for music practice. Not too long, but not too short story but I'm not gonna put it here. Ask me and I'll share with you the magic words I've said that she's willing to fetch me. The MAGIC WORDS! haha *though in the end she asked my dad to fetch me there and she fetched me back* And I know God was there guiding my words as I've prayed asking God for favor with my mum actually most of the time when I know asking her to fetch is not something she favors. And God surely answers prayers. :) My mum agreed and not only that, she tells me its important to pray for the nation as what the speakers in her Tenthmakers (CF liked based in her office) shared. *And thanks mum! I realized though you complain, its only 30% percent of the time you complain. 70% you just did not, coz you did what you knew was best for us. And if you didnt complain about fetching us so often, I would think you're not a human. hahah*

Well well... Tmr is also another day where my youth is aiming to target 50 youths to come. Well, I know for some of you 50 for your youth church is sap sap sui. But mine is not. But as we believe of not just taking up a challenge made by my pastor, we want to see ppl saved, knowing *& embracing the loving grace of God. May God move mightily in that place, uniting all of us as ONE, glorifying Him in the things we do and speak.. And of course, may the ppl who come have fun in the presence of God and in playing the games specially prepared by one the youth. May my youth group capture the heart of God and do the things He has called us individually to do; fulfilling the plans He has for us in our very own lives.

my youth that I'm proud of deep inside. :)) however, this is not our actual regular size though I wish it was or even bigger according to God's will. =(

I have so many things to share.... Of what God has put in my heart. Of the simple yet suprising thoughts He placed in my mind. How He answers my prayers... I used to keep it to myself and only share when it's needed or when I feel I needed or wanted to. =.= But this year, I had a good kick start of the year with a bang with God. Lol.. This year is soo different from other years. In fact, it is the best of the 19 years I've lived. I dont know why.. But God is doing so much in my life this year and.... It's only the very beginning of February! I dont know what the whole of this 2009 will be like, but one thing for sure God is doing something great not only in my life, but in your life. You need to hear that. And He wants to do more, only if you would come and draw yourself to Him. I'm so excited for what God has in store for me and you! XD

Ending with a high note:

I can't wait for tmr!!! hahah. And I don't know what and how much to expect! But oh well as Siemens said in an sms yesterday, God is in the house! Which means GREAT things happen! :DD

Till then!

TGIF. =)

10 years old P.O.V. ;)

Had a short conversation with my youngest bro yesterday. Was supposed to be helping him out in a short essay titled "Cita-cita" which means ambition.

Along the way in helping him, I asked him from what he wrote,
Me: Why do you want to be a doctor?
Bro: Because get alot of money.
Me: Be a police also can get alot of money what...
Bro: Police gets little money.
Me: Then you be the sergeant, high ranked officer... Can get alot of money what. *Trying to ask him to change as I know being a doc is not what he likes. And I could hardly find any other reasons to help him in his essay why he wants to be a doc.*

Another bro passed by in the living room...

Me: What other reasons to give in wanting to be a doctor?
Him: ...
Him: Be a penjaga anjing. Or a rubbish collector.
Small bro: They earn very little money,right?
Me to small bro: *smiles* It's how you see it. You can open a place to take care of dogs and do business. *explaining to him its not about which job earns alot and what dont. It's about doing what you like*

Slight conversation carried on. Cant remember what was said.

Back to me and my youngest bro...

Bro: Chi, what is your ambition?
Me: *Thinks* I want to be the girl God wants me to be! *says excitedly, and wanting to give an out of the box answer*
Bro: Why don't be ___________? * the list of not very good jobs... (bad ones, actually)
Me: Do you think this is what God wants me to be?
Bro: Nope! *in an innocent tone*
Me: Then what do you think God wants me to be?
Bro: To give praise to God. *I was amazed, frankly speaking. But I know God uses the simplicity of childrens' mind to speak to us at times* And be a pastor. No, not pastor. Be a pastress. Coz mistress is for girls so pastress is also for girls. *What a thought. How come lady pastors are not called pastress? hahaha*

I've learnt that recently again.
  • Just be yourself.
  • Do what you like.
  • Be who God wants you to be, not others.
  • Be confident in who you are and in who God created you to be-His masterpiece.
And really, talking to children can be very interesting at times. Their simple mindedness, straight-to-the-point and innocent. I like! =)