Tuesday, August 26, 2008




President of what you may ask? President of Chi Cha Bon Cha Club! Hahaha.. Knowing you in National Service has been one of the most beautiful things in my life. Sharing and savouring those sweet and not-so-sweet moments with you during National Service has really been a sweet pleasure. I miss those days where we talked and laughed together, cried together, made fun of each other, encouraged one another,listened to songs on mp3, exercised together and so on.. You were my closest friend out of the many very close friends I had. I've never met someone so beautiful inside out like you,someone so filled with a heart of compassion.. I recalled once when we,the CCBC Club members came across the news of the huge number of people dying in Myanmar, you were so reactive.. You said with so much of distress feelings "hen chan ler..." And I think it is a rare thing nowadays, rarer than finding a precious gemstone; to be able to find someone so compassionate like you. =)

You are a very independent and loving girl. Our friendship was not built on the language that we spoke,but rather built on love. And that goes the same for the CCBC group. I remembered you once mentioned to me "Imagine now we speak like that (broken english + cantonese + very little of mandarin/malay) also so close already, imagine how close we can be if we can talk better(in a language that we are both comfortable in. And yes,btw, I'm a banana literally. sad case)." And I can't help but nodded in agreement. teehee.. ^

I do not have many personal pictures of just the both of us due to not having a camera most of the time in NS except for the last 2 weeks of NS. But the memories are captured in my heart and my mind and will live on forever.

Chi Cha Bon Cha Club members.. =p

my friend who does silly things with me and on me too.. and likewise.. hehe..

my/our favourite ice-cream Lava partner :D

I don't think our friendship is either built on words or pictures too. Rather,it is built on what we had shared and gone through together. Agree? ^ We really got to meet up soon! Teehee.. Once again,
A ring is round
It has no end
Just like our friendship
For you my dear friend. =)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

College ain't that fun anymore...

I used to be happy going to college. Last semester, Public Speaking, Macroeconomics and General Biological Science were the "interesting" subjects I took. Lol.. It was fun! Public Speaking was the best and the most entertaining subject for me! Not to mention,friends who were taking this subject too were the best! But I have to say that I'm so blessed to have other wonderful friends in Macroeconomics and Biology classes who have really been a great hand in helping me in ways.. THANK YOU! :D This semester,I have College Algebra with Applications which is MATHS! (one of the subjects that I really look forward to; have been waiting all my life in college), Introduction to Computer Applications, Management Principles and Business Law. Ain't going that far to elaborate more.. Picture speaks a thousand words. So,here are some pictures from last semester-projects,assignments,random pics..

My microscope! :D

plant cell :D

the catching, pining/mounting,labeling insects project that rob me of my precious beauty sleep.

picture of us playing with the props after our public speaking performance. lol..

Christine =)

Christine and Fee Vien :DD

Anyway,now I don't look so forward going to college anymore. Why? Hhmm..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Much Longer?

* A poem written in my classroom last year while I was trying to absorb Chemistry facts into my head.. And understanding just one or a few pages can take hours.. Till I came to the point where I felt so stressed up about it and with so many other subjects that needed my time and attention, I don't know how much more I can take it.. I'm so tired,so weared up... Wondering how much longer must I bear with all these.. Thus,this poem came about.. And how one of God's worship songs reminded me that trials and suffering may seem long, but eternity will be even longer.. Enjoy! ^


I’m sitting against this hard,plastic chair,
Laying aside my thick Chemistry book,
Pondering why life is so tough...
How much more must I persevere,
To finish the race that I’ve fought?
How much longer?
How much more?
I wonder...

I feel like I’ve drifted away from Him,
Yet I know He is always there,
Only to find that He is waiting,
For me to call on Him...

I feel so tired and weary,
With the things of this world screaming at me,
Just to gain my attention,
And I’m partly affected...
It feels like all the trials and sufferings,
Pains and difficulties,
Are big and will never end,
Only to find that this is only the beginning,
Swallowing me up,time after time,
Day after day...
I wonder,would I be drown by it...

But hey,is He not greater than all of the above?
Is He not bigger and stronger?
Is His ways not higher?
His hands not bigger?
His love not deeper?
I’ll choose to trust in Him,
Knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me,
And His promises are Yes and Amen!
Trials and sufferings in this world may seem bigger...
And will never end,
But deep down,
I’m assured...
That things waiting for me in eternity,
Are far more greater than all my sufferings here.

10 July 2007

* Inspired by last Sunday’s worship (8 July 07) from the song All Hail King Jesus~And throughout eternity, I’ll sing Your praises, And I’ll reign with You throughout eternity~ It means to me that the trials and sufferings in this world seems big and will never end, but I’m assured that things waiting for me in eternity are far more greater than all I’m going through now and about to go through in the many years to come. This tough times seem long,but eternity will even be longer. What am I going to do throughout eternity,I wonder? Worship! Yes,worship. =)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Check this out!

I don't simply post links.. But I'll be posting one here..


Something that was very interesting for me as I read just now.. Things that were foretold long time ago that already came to past.. And many more that are coming to past.. Free History lessons.. lol..

Please check it out.. Nothing to lose,right? ;)

Thanks.. Take care.. =)

Greatest Olympian!

Michael Phelps...

A man where no man has ever gone before...

8 GOLD medals in a single Olympics! Record breaker.. Incredible swimmer.. Set 7 world records and 1 Olympic record, doing a personal best time in every event. A man who has created history for himself.. A man who has done what seemed almost impossible. Even if (let's say someone in the future) is able to break his 8 gold medals olympics record, he, Michael Phelps will still be remembered as a living legend for a very long, long time!

Well done!

Impossible is nothing.. ;D

Today was the first day of college for a new,second semester... Which means I've finished my first semester and semester break too! Whee~ :D

Seriously, God has been so merciful and gracious to me. From assignments to assignments, projects to projects, exams to exams.. The strength He has given me with all the late nights..
Last semester.. I've held on tightly onto one verse which was :

For NOTHING is impossible with God. Luke 1:37
Though it's a simple and short verse, yet it gave me so much of strength and hope especially when I have to meet due dates for assignments, projects and at the same time study for exams. Not small thing, not big thing, not some thing.. but NO thing is impossible with God. So be encouraged,people! For indeed, NOTHING is impossible with God!

What a tragic day!

Yesterday, after church.. As my mum,my small bro and myself were just standing outside the car at the car park lot.. a chinese man with one of his hand full of dried-up blood stains together with his wife,who was driving the motorbike all of a sudden stopped by to ask for a few hundred bucks! The man said he just met with an accident and urgently needs money to see a doctor. Alot of brief conversations carried on here as my mum bagan to questioned him as to why can't he go to a doctor nearby but all the way to his so-called company's doctor. And he replied,"It's cheaper." And he said he would return the money later on.. He will give his wife's IC for us to keep as a guarantee.. Bet the IC is fake.. Anyway, mum gave him RM 10 to help him coz as she says we do not know what desperate situation they are in. And at least he will go away.. After he saw my mum giving his wife the RM 10,he headed to another car starting the same thing all over again.. showing his hand full of dried blood and began to ask for money again..

Honestly, I felt a little disappointed to see that chinese couple doing such a thing.. The stories,the lies.. Everything.. I don't like it.. But at the same time I pray that whatever circumstances they're going through,I pray God will bring them through.. It breaks my heart to see them do such a thing.. But yet I believe they are in a desperate enough situation to lead them to carry out such actions..

And I thank my God so much for protecting each and every one of us yesterday. Anything could have happened yesterday. Really anything! Who knows if he would just snatch my mum's handbag.. Or mine.. Who knows if he is hiding a knife or anything? Who knows if he would hurt my youngest bro or anyone of us.. And the lists of who knows goes on.... So, once again.. Thank You God, so much for Your protection and covering.. It's amazing to know that no matter what situations be it dangerous or not,YOU,God are still in control. =) And having the peace that is beyond understanding..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am sick~ The strange thing was I dreamt in my beauty sleep informing my mum that I'm feeling feverish. And when I woke up... VOILA! Felt feverish. Not only did I had fever,had a pretty bad phlegm which irritates my throat and thus coughed, and a very bad sorethroat too.. sigh.. My fever was quite high yesterday.. That my ears are literally burning! Which leads to headache.. Can you imagine how hot I felt? And my legs! Are like jelly-like kind of feeling. Walking has never been so tiring... Not only that.. had body pain... I couldn't rely on myself to do things as usual.. sigh.. But another strange thing is though I had fever, my stomach's metabolism is still functioning like normal.. As though I 'm not sick at all.. Felt hungry.. And craved for food.. Feeling hungry is miserable for me. Haha.. You know when you have fever,you would begin to loose your appetite to eat.. And you would also cover yourself up in a blanket coz you're feeling cold.. and yet hot at the same time.. I didn't go through these.. strangely..

But in moments like this... Above all my body uneasiness,pain, and jelly-like feeling, I praise God coz He is my Healer! Woot.. Hehe.. But this time,I fell sick for a reason.. A particular reason that God loved me so much that He had to allow me to fall sick to get my attention.. =( During this semester break,I had been so busy and preoccupied with my own stuffs.. Olympics, piano,driving,cooking,television,reading,Internet,cleaning up my room and more... And God seem to have taken almost the last place. I only spend real,genuine quality time with Him at night or midnight for this semester break. Yet, talking to Him even if it could just be a simple, straight from the heart 5 mins, I can feel His presence right straight at my face.. But I have to get this straight. Prayer is not about feeling Him whether He 's there or not. It's about faith-believing though not seeing (or feeling) but yet knowing He hears your prayers.. =) This shows how much He longs for His children whom He created fearfully and wonderfully to spend time with Him.

Sometimes,you know.. you can get so caught up running around being busy with your own things and plans, and in the end, you've failed to get tuned in to hear that gentle,,little still voice that speaks inside of you. And I'm one of them now. sigh..

One thing I've learnt.. God will NEVER run out of plans in finding ways to get connected back to you.. Really.. And I'm so amazed by that! God's techniques,methods in drawing one back into His loving arms are so,so unpredictable! Who would have thought God would allow someone to fall sick to get healed spiritually? Haha.. Only because He loves us and longs for us so much that He does things to draw His children back to Him.

It is not the healthy who needs a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Luke 5:31

What a lesson for my very first semester break.. sigh.. But one thing for sure,this will be the most memorable thing/lesson during this 3 weeks of sem break. Not the ordinary and things-to-accomplish sem break anymore, but an interesting,I-won't-forget-what-had-happened sem break!

P/s: you can check out Tracy's blog.. http://preciouz-creation.blogspot.com/ How God had drawn her closer by allowing her to fall sick too. It's not merely coincidence that I've mistaken her for my another friend's blog, but God's hands was leading me even when I'm on the Net.. haha..

Cheers! :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Passion World Tour!!!

Awesome. Wonderful. Beautiful. Awestruck. Ah... Indescribable! Passion World Tour was DA BOMB!!! God was magnificent in that place. It was a really beautiful and amazing moment to see my generation, people of my age get together, to unite in one voice worshipping and declaring the faith of our one and only God!

Though I missed the first 45 mins,thank God the worship was not totally over yet. Louie Giglio preached and his message for the day was almost nothing than an ordinary diary written by an ordinary girl. But wait.. It's not just it. There's more to come. This girl's name was Ashley. Ashley wrote about her life, what she had went through, how her boyfriend had betrayed her again and again,how she thought that God would not love a girl who had messed up her life. But Ashley's life began to take a 180 degrees turnaround, when Ashley's friend named Fruitcake, attended Passion and shared with Ashley about what God had done for her. Soon,Ashley began to know more about God and believed in Him. Ashley found that God loved her so much no matter how much she had messed up. God wanted her to know that nothing,absolutely nothing that she had done could ever stopped Him from loving her more. But unfortunately, Ashley passed away in an accident. And she had only knew God for like barely 3 months! But her testimony has touched many lives. Her testimony has indeed glorified God. An ordinary girl who is able make an impact in so many people's lives. Who would have thought of that? ^So no matter how much you may have thought you've messed up your life and there is no more hope for you,please remember ONE thing- there is a God who cares for you and your life matters to Him. Do not let your past nor your failures resist you or hinder you from moving on in your life. There is still hope,joy and peace that can be found in the loving hands of God. No matter how dark your day may be, wait, sunshine will appear tomorrow. Persevere. Keep persevering. Do not lose hope. It's always worth waiting. And trust me,you would not regret. =)

Okay,after the sermon,we continued with songs of worship! woot! The God of this city was lifted up high! Seriously I tell you, God's presence was so strong. It really moved my heart. I have to say that going for this Passion concert ignited the fire in my heart once again to rise up and stand in the gap for my generation.

Greater things are yet to come,greater things are yet to be done in this city...
To the God of this City be the glory,honor and praise forever and ever!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Kinda like had tummyache yesterday night.. During my beauty sleep.. It hurts but can still tahan lah till morning. The cause precisely:


Argh... Guess I didn't drink enough water after eating..

By the way,I ate about 6 to 7 pieces of durians last week and nothing happened to me.. But yesterday.. only 2.. Sigh.. Anyway,someone once mentioned to me that eating durians and chocolates at once can cause death! How true is that statement? I do not know.. =)

Lessons learnt: Don't eat too much.. Be modest.. And most of all,drink MORE water!!!

A fact.. Durians are aplenty almost every season. Just take a short-distance drive down the road and you'll see many stalls being set up selling the King of Fruits. Talk about having a family who are passionate about durians especially the guys in my home.. The contentment and satisfaction on their very faces speaks everything.. And I like seeing them happy.. And it happens only when they eat.... DURIANS!!! :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Passion is coming to town!

Passion!!! I've been waiting for this since about a month ago when I've heard Passion Band is coming to town! *woot* Wanted to go at that time but wasn't sure of a ticket yet till recently,I found out that my ADP department IS selling the tickets! Uber cool! :D

By the way,there was this Passion Quest Part 1 and Part 2 that went on around the month of July in college organized by SEGi's Student Council. Can't tell much about it because I didn't attend it. Sad case.. Didn't know it was connected or linked to Passion. Oh wells,it doesn't really matter now.. coz now.. I'm just looking forward for .... TOMORROW!!!

p/s: Worth thinking.. What's your passion? Is it worth living for? =p

Till next time.. Ciaoz.. =)