Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Revolution :)

Just got back from a CF Camp themed Revolution. It's a CF Camp organized by SEGi Subang and SEGi Kota Damansara joined in. And yes, had a great time being refreshed, recharged and re-energized there. Words can't explain the simple yet wonderful time of worship, though not a very huge number of ppl but yet genuine fellowship, and most of all, the ever amazing and loving presence of God. Well pics do tell a good story on the whole camp, but unfortunately, no pics for now... Need time to upload. Plus, my laptop's down. =(

I'll talk more bout the camp plus pictures perhaps the next post or next few posts! So how's life ppl? Great? Awesome? Yes?!? Hope everythings going on well for all of you. :)

Though I said I wanna share in the next post or next few on camp, somehow rather I feel the urge to do it now. Okay... So, some of our main objectives of having this camp is:
  • to foster and tighten bonds among SEGi students
  • to provide a healthy option for students to build friendships where NO drugs, alcohols, drugs or even cigarette is involved as campers are not allowed to do these during the duration of the camp
  • challenge students to leave a legacy in the college after they graduate and not to just come to college with a 'tidak apa' attitude.

Again I gently repeat, it's only some of our main objectives. There's more...But these are sufficient here. =p Anyways, we really had great bonding sessions! And I really love the food at the place we stayed- El Sanctuary. More info on the place I stay, you can check it out at http://www.elsanctuary.com/

As aforementioned, the theme for this camp is Revolution which means change. Change through our actions, words and thoughts. We had a down-to-earth and humourous speaker- Elder Kien Yiak, one of the starters of ACTS Church Subang shared with us his life; how God used him and turned him around. From a guy who was once a nobody, an ordinary guy who didn't do well in his studies, to pursuing Accountings course in his higher education (the thing is he doesn't want to attend classes coz he thinks he's smart, so he goes to college just to sit for exams), to making and selling scrumptious carrot-cupcakes with no customers for 2 weeks at a flea market and being rejected by big F&B companies such as San Francisco because he couldn't produce in big quantity and doesn't have a proper kitchen *back then, he made carrot cupcakes from his pastor's house*, to answering the call of God in his life to co-start a church with Pastor Kenneth Chin. And now, just look at the growth of that church! Alongside, he shared alot of funny and lame stuffs that happened to him and that reminded us that he's just like any one of us- weird in our own ways but yet are usable by God.

I have to say I am very blessed and encouraged by this camp! Each and every session in this camp was inspiring and enjoyable at the same time. God's presence, no doubt has been consistently there. I've learnt so many things. 'God has plans for you.' It hitted me so hard just on this sentence alone.

::The main things I learnt in camp::

#1: God has plans for you
#2: Realized that many of us will only do things where we are good, and don't do things where we are not good. But God wants to do so much more in your life. Especially in the areas where we are not good in.
#3: When God says you are good enough, you are good enough.
#4: God has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear does not comes from Him. If fear does not comes from God Himself, then guess who?
#5: Don't settle down so easily. People in this generation tend to give up easily. Don't be discouraged. Be encouraged.
#6: Fire/passion, commitment and discipline are very important if you want to achieve your dreams. When you fall, that's where the discipline comes in to say 'It's okay. I will rise up again.'

I'll stop here for now. At the camp we are constantly reminded that revolution (change) , first begins with us. As the famous quote goes: Be the change you want to see in the world!

p/s: My winning group for games- The Trasformers! And our tagline based on our theme Revolution: Transformers change the world! *Super proud. hehe*

All geared up for campus life! <3

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Celebrating life!

Edited: Warning ahead!!! Long post, ppl! Just to let you know. =)

Hello, you!
*big grin*

So sorry for not updating.. Alot of things had happened throughout my M.I.A. moments. Mid-term exams, hanging out time with friends, responsibilities to carry out and daily activities to be done every single day. I'm up to alot of things this year but it's all for good coz God has His purpose for them. But the truth is... I truly am enjoying my life, and in everything I'm doing, every moment of it! I'm LOVIN' IT!

Serving God is my life. Without Him, Melissa Ong is nothing. Truly nothing. I must share, I am so thankful to my mum for one thing. Not for bringing me to this world ( though it is also something I should be thankful for), but for bringing me to know Jesus. This is utmost important. I am super proud to say I am a child of God and will not be ashamed of Him. =)

I thank God for many things in my life.
I think it would be blessings I never thank Him often enough or have taken it for granted.

  • Firstly, my family (parents and bros) who have seen me grown pysically (though still skinny.. =( ), mentally and spiritually. These ppl I have taken them for granted at times coz they are the very ones whom I see every day but one of the bunch of ppl I treasure the most! Ahh.. Thanks Lord!

  • My friends- kindergarden, primary and secondary school friends, classmates, church friends, NS and etc. Friends who have been with me, encouraged me, played with me ;) and influenced me to who I am this very day. Thank YOU so much, you all for just simply being, you! And that's what made me, ME! ;D
  • I thank God for teachers. Yes, you've heard that right. Haha. Especially those who have impacted me. Honestly, I enjoy seeing teachers who teach with all their heart (you know how few these teachers are, right?) and take care of their students needs as if they are their own children. Ms Menon, Cik ZAS, Mrs Rose.. I can name them coz there aren't many teachers who has those qualities as I 've mentioned above. And yes, I must thank God for Sunday school teachers and those teachers who have broought me up spiritually. There are so many in my life. Right from when I was around 7 years old till right now in church! Well, there's too many to name, but all I can say is thanks for being God's hands in teaching me, encouraging me in the knowledge of who our great God is. Truly your reward is unseen now, but great in heaven. =)

  • Last but not least, thank You, God for Your Spirit that's living in me. Thank You for Your covering, protection and Your unfailing and everlasting love for me! Thank You for holding my hands ever so dearly that whenever I fall, You are always there to pick me up. Thank You for allowing me to go through trying times, so that I would learn from my mistakes and able to encourage others who encounter the same thing and of course, to grow in my faith. To learn to trust in You and not just You giving in to me. I love You for that though it has never been pure easy to go through trials and testings in life. But truly I can testify that You have been with me when my pocket has a big hole (pok kai. haha), times when my studies take a rollercoaster ride- both good and bad results time, personal problems and worries and hurts. You, Lord meant the world to me. * And I'm sorry when I hold back my world from you at times without realizing*
  • Taking a step back.. Last word: Enjoy LIFE! Know Life itself. That's the best thing that can ever happen to you coz when you know Life (Jesus), it is indeed better than life. =)

Oh and I have this song in my mind. Just to share the verse:

Better than the riches of this world,

Better than the sound of my friends voices,

Better than the greatest dreams of my heart,

And that's just the start.

Better than getting what I say I need,

Better than living the life that I want to,

Better than the love anyone could give,

Your love is.

Better Than Life by Hillsong

And yeah, some of you may have thoughts running in ur head that my posts can be very 'ho-lee'; you know what I mean. But to me, God plays a major part of my life. Putting Him out is like not having life and having a meaningless life. So, I hope you can understand. I don't wanna have a separate blog just to share my life with Christ in the picture coz firstly, I don't think I have the time. One blog is already enough. Time time! See how often I update here. Haha. Secondly, two blogs on my life? No need lah! hehehe


I hope you don't go... "What are those???" lol. These lil creatures as you can see are puppies yeah? Just so to mention in case you really don't know. And it is my joy to see them grow bigger and bigger each day! ;)

*Waves hand* Chiaozz