Thursday, July 31, 2008


It was a "happy" day for me because of YOU! ;) Actually, it was my birthday! whee.. This year's celebration was pretty okay. Wasn't that bad. Celebrated with my family though I have to admit that the previous years were slightly better. Went to pasar malam that night to accompany my mum and bro to buy fruits. After that,then only was my birthday celebration. But I don't mind. Am contented to be able to celebrate my birthday! However,this year's birthday cake(s) were slightly different. I requested it to be this way instead of the usual. haha..

my birthday cake ^ there's actually 6 slices(1 more still inside the box if you realized one was missing) with 3 different kinds(choc banana,marble cheesecake and mango delight..)

Why would I want to have it this way,you might asked? Firstly,it will be different than the other years. Usually,there will be ONE round and ONE type of cake. This year's birthday.. I had SIX triangles and THREE different types of cakes. ^ Secondly,without realizing,saved $$$! lol.. Whatever it is,it was indeed a GOOD day to thank GOD for!

And before I forget...


Thank YOUs banyak-banyak for the many sms-es,phone calls,comments and testimonials and pressies too! I am really,really,very touched.. =)

Happy Birthday also to Jason,Ashikin and Kah Yan!The all 4 of us have ONE thing in common. We are all borned on the 29th of july 1990! all lapan belas this year! teehee..

Jason- May you continue to grow closer in your walk with Him and find strength in His unfailing love each and every day! Jesus loves you! ;D

Ashikin & Kah Yan- Happy birthday gals! May the both of you have a great year ahead and may the both of you prosper in everything you do! xoxo


The following day (Wednesday night), went to JO Restaurant at SS15 to commemorate the last gathering together for the COOL Youth worship team till SPM is over. Had a great time of fellowship and chinese food too! Wished I had pictures to upload. But unfortunately,I don't. =(

Anyways,after dinner,went to Station 1 @ Taipan for dessert. whee~ Over there.I was too caught up with a few uncles who were playing pools behind our table.. hehe.. It was pretty interesting to see them play.. What more to hear their conversations among one another too! Oops sorry.. Can't help! Hehe.. Actually..2 of the uncles were trying to teach one of them to play well. One of the many conversations I overheard was when one of the uncles were telling the slightly-younger-man-who-was-trying-to-learn-to-play-well was "Don't listen to him(the other uncle's advice). You listen to him sure lose wan.." And there were others. It kept me laughing or giggling at the place where I sat. It was really hilarious to me. hahaha..

But... above all these... there was something I really didn't expect at all. Really AT ALL! It was a suprised birthday cake! I was really speechless..They sang the birthday song and they sang it pretty loud. I don't know if they actually felt embarassed for that moment.. But I know they really made my WEDNESDAY! I could never expressed how grateful and happy I was to have them as my friends! I could never ask for more!

The suprised birthday cake that I brought home after eating there ^^

All in all.. I thank God for the good times I had and the good friends and family He has placed in my life! I really could not ask for more.. ^^ As I grow another year older this year,I pray that I would grow in my walk with Him and continue to hold on steadfastly onto His Word and see His Word becoming so real in my life. And may I move closer to the plans that He has for me and to become the girl He wants me to be! God has been really good to me and my family for the past eighteen years! What more can I ask? =)

................i'm............18........... e-i-g-h-t-e-e-n................lapan belas..............whee~~...............

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