Thursday, June 18, 2009


I understands how it feels when one keeps dropping by a blog, and the next thing you see.. is the same post you dropped by last time- eventhough it was ages ago. I am sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. triple sorry..

A short update on my life:
1. I don't know where should I start
2. I guess I'll start from here- MYPG. Attended it after knowing it's where God wants me to be on that day. Made commitment to Him. Got helpful and encouraging conversations. Must be God who was in the middle planning this to take place.
3. College life
- Praise God for good results last sem. 4.0. Definitely not what I deserved. God's grace and mercy.
- Thank God for friends. Fee Vien especially. She has been there since day 1 I started college. This sem is the first sem not being in ALL of the same classes with her. Feels something missing at times. haha! what to do... =p
- Taking Chemistry and Human Resource Management. 300++ chemistry questions to be completed in 6 days! 4 weeks in a row of campaign also for chemistry. We're doing on food chemicals. Thank God for Revathi, Ai Li, Era and Puteri. They are awesome so far. :) HR Management. Also another craziness.. 2 big assignments with a total of 50 marks out of 100. not going into details! praise God for guiding me to take 2 subjects this sem. Gotta excel in my studies and at the same time serving God- which is always worth it though can be time consuming and energy draining. But it's a joy and honor.
4. CF. Starting a prayer group. Outings once a month. Meeting. in general.
SEGi Revolution P.A.R.T.Y. Alot of planning. And filling in the gaps. God is at work and in control. I like it when He is the big boss overlooking everything. :)
5. Youth and church. I have really awesome and super fun friends there. People who just know how to have fun! love them! <3 God has been faithfully speaking to me every week since porbably a month or 2 ago through the simple messages. Sometimes I just couldn't focus or I am just distracted.. That is when He steps right it and say He wants to speak to me. And so, I try to listen. God can really use anybody even the normal ppl you see in your daily life to speak to you. But sometimes, we've got to be sure if it's from Him or not. ;p Also, a place where my weaknesses are shown. He says my weaknesses must be shown so that His strength can be seen. It is not easy I can tell you! But if that is what He wants to do and use, use it then. I still need to learn alot on surrendering to God everything. Like everything.

I believe I have more to say. I've gtg now.. chiaozz..


MarcusDS said...

haha..yupe..ive been checking on u..

dun neglect health and rest!sick soldiers cant contribute much!

take care!


++MeLisSa++ said...

Hi Marcus!

Thank YOU so much! It feels great to know that there are people as sweet as you who still reads my blog. Awww... haha.

I hope you are doing good coping with your studies. And do remember one thing- God holds your future. This is what God spoke to me when I was your age and now, passing on to encourage you. Don't give up yeah! You're a smart boy. ;) I know u can do it. take care!