Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pretty pink!


I've changed my blog's background color! XD
I got too tired with the old one.
So I decided to just sit down and take the effort to do some changes to my blog.
Though I hardly have time for myself anymore these days!
But at least I'm happy now- with the change! ;p
Changes are good; most of the time? haha
I've got to learn to chill. Teach me, someone? Please? hahaha! jk.. though i seriously need to just sit down and at least take a moment to dream. hahaha =)

p/s: How's my new design for my blog? ;)

p/p/s: I sometimes wonder if anyone still reads my blog. I hardly update. Also, my chatbox has been pretty silent. Especially after I got spammed. But I am not offended seriously. It's always how you choose to view it. Ask me personally if you want to know how I viewed it! I'd be glad to tell you! lol

Jogging out. Take care! God bless!



MarcusDS said...

ive been following ur blog..faithfully..whenever im online that wad were ur views on it?i was shocked blue in the face..


++MeLisSa++ said...

I've told you before in your blog. remember? :)) haha.. well, to me it's an opportunity to pray for that person. Actually I realized God told me in advanced a few days before I got spammed through my CF advisor. She shared a story with me and it reminded me- God sees problems to us as opportunities to be His vessel. And for this problem, it was an opportunity which I would missed if it hadn't been God who spoke in advanced through my CF advisor. Praise God! He keeps my eyes open to many things I would humanly close. :)

MarcusDS said...

hahaha..i have SMS..short memory how u doing?varsity life looks

++MeLisSa++ said...

Hey Marcus!

Sorry I just found out this reply. My hundred apologies.

I am good. Last month, July was hectic but fruitful! Now this month... is sem break! And I hope it'll be fruitful too. Did alot of recuperating and rest. Good for me! ;p
Will keep in touch with you.
Sorry for the 1 month + late reply. really just found out