Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blessed Happy New 2010!

I've never feel so relaxed the whole year (since 2009 started) till a few days ago! Seriously. I'm outdated.. In movies, even shopping and what not. Anyway, just a simple and short update.

1. Sunway Pyramid with cuzzy wuzzy cousins (and bro-short while) YESTERDAY, 30th Dec

2. Sunway Pyramid again TODAY (am not complaining ;p) with bestie and Denise

I've never found such awesome shoppers that has pretty alike taste in fashion clothings and most of all, can walk as fast as I do while shopping from store to store! Awesome lah. ;) ahaha.
As I close this year, I want to thank God for first of all, being my God, my Saviour, Bestest Friend, my Listener, Comforter, Encourager and lots more. Thank You, God for every single thing though there were times I disobeyed You, times I forsaken You, times I disappoint You, broken Your heart... but I want You to know (and I know You know) that I LOVE YOU, FATHER GOD. Knowing You, loving and serving You was the best (bester, bestest) thing that has happened to me! I'm forever Yours. =)
To my friends out there, I'm sorry if I've hurted you or offended you in any ways. My most sincere apologies. Thank you for standing my me watching me fall, grow and also encouraged me all along the way. You are the best. I may not have thanked you or showed my appreciation whoever you are, but I've learnt that good friends are real hard to find! Thus, I treasure every single good friend that I have like crazee! Ppl say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. To me, best friends are even better than diamonds. No words can describe whast best friends are to me. Soo sorry if I've made you feel 'geli'. But whatever it is, thank YOU!!! =)
*now I cut the ribbons signifying the closing year of 2009* *cut*

Watchnite Service @ church coming right up. I mean, NOW. =P

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