Friday, December 25, 2009

more. than. life. could. bring.

Blessed Christmas everybody!!!

May you find hope, joy, love and peace again this season of Christmas! May you find your true home and purpose.

Christmas season is always a busy season where finals are here, camps are on, christmas dramas and college events are going on. Or at least for me. It has been a tiring nevertheless exciting time seeing how frustrated myself can be at times when exams are near and you have responsibilities in church at the same time, seeing the smiles and laughters on your friends' faces, seeing hearts united as one, many 'hiccups' as well but God was in control. It was such a joy to serve God though I struggled so sooo much this month in putting God first above my exams. Yes, exams. I tried handling and accepting tasks which I can do on my own strength and said NO to other tasks coz I just wanted to have time to just relax off and study for exams.

One week before exams, my masterplan was to stay home- chill and focus on finals. But on that week, was the packed worship practises for camp (thank God for each of them who never really complained. They are awesome!). Also, drama practises which I initially refused to join. Till Siemens asked me again, then God spoke to my heart it's like you either accept me or reject me. Of course, knowing if this is what God wants I'll join. In my heart, I was really thinking God this is so crazy! Exams next week, Lord! I'm not even ready... Later on, during practice Aunty Karine who was in charged of the drama asked if I can be in charged of the signboards for props though I thought she asked the wrong person coz firstly, standing beside me is Sheryn- the creative girl in arts! Secondly, exams! In the end, I said, CAN. Coz I know God led me to this drama practice. But thank God, 2 days before the real Christmas drama, I brought it to cell and Sheryn, Fee Vien and some aunties helped. God surely will make a way when you are doing things according to His will. So in the end, done! yay.. that's 13 dec btw..

Finals- 16th Dec..

In between those dates, coordinate time for practice and attend worship practice, study a lil and feeling so weared out..

But guess what?!

God has been so good and merciful to me. I realized one thing this year or actually since I started to serve God more and more, God has given me this ability to study and remember facts of chapters whenever I spend time studying even if it's a few days before exams. I thought it was just that time, but after many exams, I realized God has blessed me with this ability to store alot of information as effectively as studying earlier. God redeemed my time that whenever I study, my mind is very focused.

I have alot more to share, what I've shared is only 1/4 of what happened in December for my life. If you want to know more, you can ask me. Can't write all. teehee!

Anyway, I would like you to drop by for our last Sunday of the year service. If you would still like to celebrate Christmas (okay, maybe not Christmas, but New Year) but you think its too late, scrap that thought off coz.... you still can! Drop by Grand Dorsett Hotel (formerly known as Sheraton Hotel) directly opposite @ SS12 this Sunday 10:30am. It's never too late to give your heart to Jesus. I'll be leading worship this Sunday. We'll be singing You Raised Me Up. Yup, by Josh Groban. God has indeed raised us up this year I believe, drawing us closer to the plans He has for our life, seen and unseen.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Christmas isn't Christmas until it happens in your heart- the story of the birth of Jesus that came to this world because He loves us. There's no greater love than one who can give His life for you.

Come! Come and you will not regret if you have found this love without condition. Hope to see you =)

Blessed Christmas again ya'll!


MeLiSsA said...

hey melissa..I juz want to say i love u too..u are like the best sis I can every get...(if u dont mind me calling u sis)..i can actually see u mature and grow closer to so amazing..everytime i see u i have to tell myself..that i had to have faith in how u had faith in god..that he actually got u thru so many thing..I juz want to say Thank mel for alwayz being there for me..i know sometime i might be a bit selfish n complained alot..n emo alot also..but thank for being there for me and reminding me...but i dont really know how to make u happy..when u are sad or emo..but i Juz want to say..U got to stay strong n god is alwayz with u no matter wat happen..he love u so much and will take care of all the small problem that u think is so big for u to handle..He LOVE u so much...and u got thru it..^^ lOVE U MEL..Stay Strong my Dear sis..Hope to put a smile on ur face..:D i dont wat to say ad..but if u need ppl to talk to can find me..if u want...take care and god bless...all the best for tmr leading worship..

++MeLisSa++ said...

Aww.. thank you mel! you're the best! i am encouraged by your encouragements. we all do go through hard times in life, but its okay.. coz God's with us. though it's very easy to forget that when we're going through coz the problem is overwhelming.

praise God that He sent a sister like you into my life. <33