Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wisdom is what I desire


How was your CNY? Hope you had a great time reuniting with your long lost family! I had a great CNY minus some stuffs that happened on the first day. My grandma couldn't get up from the bed in the evening after falling down. So we had to call for a doctor to come over and to give her an injection. But thank God she is fine now. phew~

First day of CNY: As pastor said, church first, then celebrations. Worship led that morning. Scared for the past few days as I have not chose my songs one day before practice. That week was just so packed! Mental block for list of songs too. =p But thank God for everything- for being my strength; for just being there to cheer me on; for believing in me even when I doubt my own ability. His grace is always sufficient, never lacking. Also, thank God for Pastor, Aty Jackie, Aunty Priscilla, Aunty Cindy and Uncle Charlie who played and sing on that day. Went aunt's house for lunch; grandma's house for dinner. Seeing grandma suffering on that night- horrible. Collected $$ of course ;)

Second day: Dad's friends came over. And more of dad's friends. Followed by relatives. Dinner at grandma's house again! Cool! haha!

Third day: Shopping with friends cancelled. Get well soon, babe! SO bloggin'. =)

CNY week (14-19 Feb) is relaxing for me. No classes on Monday, Thurs and Fri, no piano lessons on Tues, no music practice for youth on Thurs night, no keyboard class on Thurs afternoon etc... Hence, I get to catch some movies- Percy Jackson and the lightning thief (a show that confused me enough on truth and placed fear. :S.. but still! I enjoyed hanging out with my cool youth friends =)) and a few movies on 411, 413. I don't know when I'm able to do so and relax again! Definitely going to enjoy my week! Absolutely!

Nevertheless, there's still many things to do that needs time, discipline and effort. I need to buck up on my keyboard skills, listen to the instrumental parts of the song and learn. Guess this is the best way to learn. Piano pieces and scales... Accountings- assignments and study! Marketing Principles- presentation on Monday; revision on chapters. The items may be few, but the time needed is huge!

I need to cut down time on the Net. Though not alot, but still..... sigh. It's amazing how I can surf the Net just going where I feel like dropping by on those webpages. Aarghhh.

Psalm 90:12(A) So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Dear God,

Please show me how short my life really is, so that I may use my time wisely to do things that are important instead of doing things that are not beneficial. Grant me a heart of wisdom.

You know my name

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