Monday, January 25, 2010

40 Days is over; but there's more to come! whee!

If you've been reading my previous posts, I've once blogged about a book- Give Me 40 Days. Here's the link: Well, today (25th January 2010) in history, is the day I've completed my 40 Days. *clap*

Well actually I took 56 Days to complete my 40 days. What happened? Tiredness and hecticness was the main reasons, laziness and procrastination had their equal shares as well. haha

But all in all, it's a great journey. I say it again, great journey. Though there were times when it's hard to persevere and thought of quitting comes occasionally especially when you feel like giving up, but still I chose not to give up.

One thing God spoke to Freeda before she wrote this book was "Would you give me 40 days?" Well, to me, God told and reminded me time again that"Time is in His hands." So everytime when I am just so pressed for time, God reminds me- "Time is in God's hands." I remembered God once asked me on one of the morning of my finals, "Can you give me 20 minutes?" Yes, 20. =) In that 20 minutes, I willingly laid aside my textbooks, notes etc and just read the 40 Days book, pray and probably even sing a song of praise. It was so refreshing and I feel not anxious whether I am all prepared for my exams or not coz I know in the end of the day, it is not my exam results that holds my future, it is my God who holds my very future.

There's just so much I've learnt- commit to God and He will direct your path, surrendering your expectations to God, watch what you speak as it can either bring life or death, getting your motives right with God and of course, the importance of prayer. I've also grown to be much more sensitive to God, definitely.

I can't write my whole experience here which I can't exactly remember all, but if you are keen in having a close walk and relationship with Jesus, then I recommend this book to you. It changed my life and my heart deep inside. Give God a chance to mould your heart. He re-shaped those part of my heart that was out of shape, though there are still so many areas that needs to be shaped! Not only that, your eyes will be open to look out for the needs of others.

Chase God, pursue God, seek God. And all things shall be added unto you.

*p/s: If you want to do this 40 days, I strongly advice you to pray for covering over yourself, family and close friends. satan is going to do his work in bringing you down as well. just look at my posts from 1st Dec till 25th Jan. Actually, my posts are just a lil of what I went through. But do not fear, if God is for us who can be against us? =D



charmain said...

hey dropping by! =) guess what I did that same 40 Day book early last year!! God used it to teach and build me up as well. *high 5!* haha...

++MeLisSa++ said...

CHARMAIN! that's cool! *high 5 back!*

been reading your articles at A.B.! keep it up! keep using what you have to serve HIM! *SO HAPPY to hear from you!* =DD

Vivien said...

Hey Congratz! =D
Proud of u sis!