Monday, September 28, 2009

Seasons of life

Quoted from my youngest brother, Ben, who is 10 years old btw, after showing him the pictures below... This is what he said: "Even eggs have a life of their own." Haha.. That's a good one.

Anyways, I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends who have been with me by my side. I did not utter a single word of what I've been going through. But you all came to find me or ask me how I am at the right time. When I really, really needed a friend... you guys (friends) came flocking in. Wow.. Must be the hands of God behind it. Thank you so much, guys! Thanks, God!

Here's some pics to spice up my day, and I hope yours too =)

Oh nooo!!! Save me!

haha. er.. robbers?

i personally like this :)



'Don't kill me!"

:'( and :O

All of these pictures reminded me- I had 4 eggs in total for today. Yum!


Elena Lee said...

hehehe... nice one!

me is mad said...

wow, this is a nice one :)