Thursday, September 3, 2009

you're a star!


Having Coffee Jelly Frappucino at Starbucks Summit now. Waiting for the later class.

Anyway, results were out...
Summer 2009: Human Resource Management- A
Chemistry- B

A little disappointed for Chemistry. I wonder if anyone got an A for Chemistry. I wanna know who! =) If there is, a big congratz as you must have really really studied, understood every single possible facts and did very well! Chemistry was tough and a killer, but still thank God for giving me the strength to study till late nights, wisdom to grasp easily and awesome team mates who sail through storms with me.

I love God's Word especially in times when everything is against you, ( meeting assignments and projects due date seems impossible, not enough time to finish reading and understanding your textbooks for mid terms, finals, can't understand etc...) coz His Word gives me hope and encouragement. As I believe in His Word, and work (in this case study) as if I can finish whatever I think I can't finish in time, by faith I fix my mind and keep studying and studying or keep doing assignments even when it feels impossible to finish them... But as I study, God opens my mind and help me to understand fast and remember. And as I just keep doing my assignments believing I can finish it with God, at the end of the day, somehow whatever seems impossible is possible! Just have faith in God. And work/ study!

God's Word says: Faith without action (study) is dead. James 2:26

From the deepest depth of my heart, thanks God! I definitely couldn't have made it to the Dean's lists/ Academic Excellence Award for 3 semesters out of my 4 semesters in college. I am really, really amazed by You!

I hope these results ( at the bottom of this post)are good enough to glorify God. To me, it is God's grace, mercy and faithfulness that brought me through. I couldn't say more than God deserves the glory, honor and praise. My results may not be the best in ADP now, but I will work hard and try to be the best with God's help. I trust in Him that all things are possible. =)

Summer 2009- GPA: 3.3
Fall 2008- GPA: 3.5
Spring 2009- GPA: 4.0
Summer 2009- GPA: 3.5

So yeah, the results posted here are not meant to brag or whatever... but I hope to encourage all of you that really, with God, you can do all things!

Back to college,


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