Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Purity isn't just about girls, but boys too!

Hi! I just wanna share this dream that I had.

First scene: There is a group of people who were mostly girls unashamed talking to one another excitedly how they lost their purity. *Add in laughters and giggles in that situation* Then a girl and soon some of them from this group started to invite or ask a girl lets call her C who was not associated the group (who has not lost her virginity) to join them. This girl C stood up and said no! How can you all do such things?!? This girl C was the only one who was not yet influenced. Then she left them and went aside to the piano.

There's this second scene... In short, a guy who was sitted alone trying to control himself very hard. It seemed to be an almost big struggle to control himself than to let go of himself and be part of the others in the world around him. A girl came and tried to share a drink with him.. but he said No! Then the girl tried to persuade him (can't remember what she did...) and he said NO! The guy was trying to control himself as much as he is aware and could.

This dream is sooo different and unusual. That's why I'm putting it here coz there's understanding to the dream. It is like a life-lesson dream.. So, here, I'll share on what I think!

When it comes to the word purity, doesn't it somehow reflects more on women than men? Purity isn't just about girls, but rather both. Purity isn't just a matter of keeping your body as clean as possible, it's about watching what you think (your thoughts), what you say (your speech) and your doings daily (actions). The Bible says not to be conformed to the patterns of this world, but by the renewing of the mind through God's Word. Now, that's where the testing comes in right.. It is waaayyy easier to conform to the ways of the world than to stand firm and filling your mind with things that are good, encouraging, noble, true, pure.. It's easier to join a gang and be part of a gang, to feel accepted and not rejected... even when it requires you to compromise your values and faith... Will we be the one who will be laughing away and being part of the ugly side of the world, or will we be the one who will stand firm and say no to doing what is wrong??? It even comes down to something simpler; will we be found cheating in a class that's cheating, or will we be found blameless and fautless in a class that's cheating. In college, cheating is like such a norm! And sometimes, I ponder... If girls don't love themselves, don't love the body God has specially given them, who else would? Your friends? NO! Your family? No! Your future husband/wife? NO! It's YOU yourself!

We need to draw a line for our thoughts, actions, words and not cross over the line. As in set a standard of what you will do and what you will not do, what you will speak and what you will never speak etc. So that when a situation popped at your face, you wouldn't be thinking "Should I do this or not?" or "Should I say this?"... Even in friendships or relationships with the opposite gender, somehow, there should be a certain boundary and limit to not cross over with someone of the opposite gender.. We need to watch our actions constantly and ask ourselves what is the purpose or motive we're doing that. When we do ____ or say _______, what will they think? Will we cause them to fall or stumble?

Have you been let down by a person older than you before? Sometimes we place alot of expectations on people, how they should perform or behave and all we get is disappointment. Sometimes you can't expect a person that's 40+ to behave like their age. The person that'll make you down is yourself, because of your expectation of the person. I believe, age should not and never be the measuring bench for maturity and wisdom. It is found in person who is able to stay calm no matter what the circumstances may be, a person who is able to think and decide well, a person who is able to carry themself well in front of public and personal space, think and act reasonably and does not let their heart and emotions rule over what is right and what is wrong.

p/s: If this post offended you in a way, I'm sorry.. but this is a blog after all.

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