Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Forgive Me, Dear Lord

Dear God,

I am sorry for being the disobedient kid that I am. I am sooo sorry God for not giving the tract to the person I'm supposed to give, led by Your Holy Spirit. I am frustrated, I am mad of myself! I don't know why I chose to ignore You when You are sooo real to me! Aarrggh... I am truly ashamed of myself. I am truly ashamed. God, I am sorry... Sorry to not do what You asked me to do. Again and again. How can this action be called a follower of God?

But deep down, You have never blamed me. Never condemned me. Never hated me or even hold back anything good from me. Your forgiveness and second chances are abundant. But Your heart cries out and longs for people who have not embraced Your love. Your heart chases after their heart. It's crazy to understand how long, and how deep is Your love for them! So much beyond what I can comprehend.

So here is the post of agreement. If i ever ignore You, remind me of this post. Bring me back here and remind me that You love and died for every one and everyone.

Your love is complete and everlasting, Jesus. <3

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