Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When life's road gets a lil bumpy...

When life's road gets a little bumpy and harsh...
With no clear sign boards to show us the right way to go.
It makes living in this world one of the last things in mind.
Sometimes, life is filled with so many choices.
That we don't know which one to take.
With the hope that we won't end up to the road of Neverland.
But on the bright side, at least we can choose.
And sometimes life feels like a rollercoaster ride.
It takes our emotions to the highest and also even the lowest point.
More like potential and kinetic energy if you get what I mean.
Or the boiling point for water.
Or worst, salt; which exceeds the limit.
Just sometimes, things just don't go right no matter how hard we try and try. Not very much the way we want. But isn't that life? Well, at least for me, I spell that life.

Have you ever felt this way?!?
I have! Hehe. But God has proven that He is right there when we needed Him the most. He's there all the time in fact, just that we tend to take God for granted in our lives. But God is faithful. God is a God who is close to us and answers our prayers. Let Him be your strength when you are weak. This is when His strength is made perfect- right in our very own weaknesses. And remember, Jesus is there to hold you. :)

A song I've found while searching for lyrics of other songs. Though I never heard this song before. But the words are just too meaningful. :)

"Sometimes you're weak and weary
Feels like your heart is breaking
Nobody close enough to ease your mind
Seems like the night is falling
The darkness has you crawling
You wonder if you'll ever reach the light
But you've got to know that
The Father's always there by your side

We will overcome heartache and sorrow
We will overcome all the pain in this world
We will rise above the cares of tomorrow
We will overcome
We all get disillusioned
With all of life's confusions
Sometimes we simply have to walk by faith
The road may not be easy
But there is hope and healing
Remember help is just a prayer away
So don't be afraid
He will give us all the strength that we need

When we struggle thru the hard times
There's a peace that comes from the Lord
Just remember He is faithful
So believe and trust in Him more
And don't be afraid
He will give us all the strength that we need. "

We Will Overcome by Jaci Velasquez

# Take life easy. God didn't make life too hard that you can't overcome. He has a reason for everything He does. Perhaps to make us stronger and stronger. Life's lessons are ALOT. Alot wey... We'll never learn it all in a day or in a month. It takes a lifetime. Lifetime... But throughout this hard fought journey, rest assured you're not alone and God is always with you. This is His promise. And you bet, His promise is complete and unchanging. :)

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