Thursday, May 7, 2009

When was the last time I remember? hahaha

I remembered mentioning in one of my previous posts that I can't imagine how big God's hands is when I look at mine; and therefore how big God really is! *Something like that*

Today, I learnt something which I've forgotten... God is a Person who does not have a body. God is also a Spirit. Unlike us, we as God's creations have a body and God's Spirit lives within us.

I think I have made God too small in my eyes. I tried to measure how big He is. I know it can't be measured but I was thinking the other time how BIG God really is as in His whole self (body). And I realized He is soooo BIG that even the biggest body can't contain Him; that's why God doesn't have a body! Unlike us who are so small and tiny when we see from God's point of view.

Which is a good reminder. :) Just got back from music practice. And during worship time in music practice I was also remindered that the God I serve is BIG, Mighty, awesome God. Sometimes I need to be reminded that God is way bigger and I should not make Him too small in my eyes. I can go on writing... but I'll end here. And yes, also reminded He'll never leave me nor forsake me. What a promise. Oh and the power of prayer... Do you know when you pray you are being God's vessel... Just now, we sang a song called Everytime I Pray. And something hit me and this came to me. "Do you know God answers you prayers when you pray?" Like the song we sang just now..., everytime we pray, we move the hands of God. We are God's vessels for Him to use and move. Keep prayin'!

p/s: Its so easy for me to blog when its about God... but when it comes to updates about what's going on in my life even though there's so much happening... I need motivation. lol. help!

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