Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Letters

I hardly write on my blogs posts that has much of my feelings and thoughts for quite some time. This post will be one of my firsts.

Anyway, today, something really unpleasant happened. I don't really want to go into details- But one thing for sure the devil is always trying to cause alot of disharmony, disunity, arguments, misunderstandings in family, circle of friends, relationships etc... and if we are not careful and alert, we might just fall right into his plans. And now thinking, that is what exactly what he wants to do in my life right now-stopping me or at least slowing me down for now. I almost fall into his trap in a very rational manner. But thank God for sending someone to remind me of this once again. Trust me, there are so many things satan is doing. The more you're on fire for God, the more he'll try to stop you or at least slow you down...

Letter #1:

Dear someone oh-so-precious,

You were someone I looked up to somehow in a way because you are wise in thinking and in making decisions. And most of all, you loved me. What you said just now hurts me. Even more when it comes from you, who is uber close to me. I kept quiet because I respected you and I wanted to know what and how you were thinking. I really respect you and that is why I kept quiet and let my tears flow even though I knew I could have answered you. But I've learnt today to speak up what's running in my head when it is necessary, all for the betterment of us in the big picture. I really hope you would understand me.

Oh and it doesn't really matter if heaven has real gold or whatsoever because it really doesn't matter to me at all, you. I loved God because I know Him and experienced Him and that's what makes me- me, now.

I still love you anyway.

Letter #2 :

Dear College,

Could I have another month of semester break please? Pretty please... I didn't really do the things I wanna and planned to do for this semester break yet. I had so many things on my shoulders to carry that I didn't really have much time for my ownself. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Me. :)

*Maybe I should just dream on~ ;)
edited: It's okay. I take back my words. I would DEFINITELY (yes, definitely. ;) )love having more time to do the stuffs I wanted to do, but I guess in the end of the day, it's a question of what impact it'll bring. Temporal or eternal effect? ;)

Letter #3:

Last but not least my very dear God,

After coming back from practise and after what happened, I loved YOU even more! You are the best, God. When things aren't so pretty, You were always right there comforting me. I want to learn to praise You at all times though sometimes I am just so blinded by what's happening around me.But I know it won't be for long because You will lead me back to You. Just in the nick of time. Hehe! ;) You've blessed me with so many wonderfully awesome best friends, and I thank You soo much for them! but You are my ever bestest friend. My SVEBFF! super, very, ever... Many friends come in and out, but you're always in lah, God. Sometimes, some of my friendships- especially real good ones, just crumpled like that. And I feel uber sad. But I always want to remember that You allowed everything (even and more so the bad ones) that happens in my life to happen for good even when I can't see it. So, I'll put my hope and trust in You. Coz Your Word says all things work together for good (Romans 8:28). So, Lord, You have every area of my life, my friends, family, studies, future, career and everything that I could and could not think of right now.

Jesus, take the wheel.
Take it from my hands.
Coz I can't do this on my own.

Jesus, Take The Wheel
Carrie Underwood


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