Wednesday, May 13, 2009

H.B. Tiff and Ong! ;)



Hello! :)

It has been a pretty loong time not updating my bloggie. Sorry.. :((
I don't know where to start... from my last post or just go straight to what's happening now.

Anyways, I'm having semester break for MAY! whee~ But pretty packed with activities or going outs with people and friends. I know I can say one thing- I love going out! I really love going out anywhere but obviously RIGHT places alright... haha!

Anyway, my cuzzy Michelle is going back to NZ. So, we the cousins had a farewell for her last Fri. The meeting point was my home. Had durians bought by Erik. Scrumptious, that's for sure. *thumbs up*

After that, we had mamak sessions. Eat, talked bout their younger days etc. My dad was there too btw. My dad and my cousins are really close. My dad was the one who took care of them when they were young, played with them, taught them to have fun... My dad clicks really well with them. That's why he is here in this COUSINS gathering! Proud of my dad in a way. Reached home at 2am. Sleepy. Found out something... My cousins are really cool! They're a hilarious bunch of people, crazy and pentingkan persaudaraan. Pentingkan persaudaraan... That's the most important. That's what I'm really proud of them.


Blessed Birthday, Tiffany Kwong! :))

You're a really nice and sweet girl. Nice and friendly to everyone-both young and old. When people speak to you, they or at least their hearts are enlightened. You make the people around you happy. I hope you'll stay you and never change any good part of you. Keep having the heart to learn new things and also about God. I know He has great plans and future for your life. Stay close to Him, girl and He'll never let you down. oh and you are gorgeous inside out. xx.

Left to right: Tiff and Ong :)

And Blessed Belated Birthday, Ong Hui Zhe! :))

You are... a visionary. I believe God has placed soo many gifts and talents within you to use them for His glory. Continue to catch His heart. I pray God will show you the great plans that He has for your life in His time. I know He will. :D Stay close to Him. And don't forget He is always with you wherever you are. Keep walking steadfastly in Him. And be the man He wants you to be. You're an awesome and God fearing guy. May God continue to use you mightily in your college and else where to be the salt and light for Him. Ong, you rock! :)

Looking forward for tomorrow. Day with my girlfriends CCBC members. They ROCK my world in NS! I love them so very much!Hehehe!

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zewt said...

that's a lot of durians!