Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thanks a million!


How are you guys doing?!? Well, though I was away from blogging last month (except for SEGi Revo posts), but I do read your blogs as often as I can. =)

July was a pretty good month. (yay!) very hectic, no doubt to the point where I almost couldn't find a slot to go out with my bestfriend, Hannah who came back from Australia. But I did! *which I uhm didn't do flyering for SEGi Revo for that day.. My CF president aka boss, Terrence helped me out on that day. Thanks so much man! But I don't think he will read this. But thanks so much, or else I can't go shopping with bestie!! Besides meeting up with Hannah, July was full of wonderful moments- road trip after CF, Revo meetings, dinner at IKEA, trips to SEGi KD, CF, many captured and uncaptured moments as well. Not to mention, assignments and finals in the same month! Crazy, really crazy as I think back. But every moment captured and uncaptured was truly worthwhile, being with different people and good friends, of course. ;)

In short, I just wanna thank everyone who made my birthday so special and memorable to me. It was heartfelt, every single thing big or small YOU did for me, it was totally heartfelt. Every sms-es, every phonecalls, every facebook birthday comments and wishes, (friendster too ;p)pressies, blog posts and others which I might have left out, it meant a million stars to me! You lighten up my day! Not to forget the pretty shocking surprises- birthday surprise at my house by my friends, McD... Thanks alot from the bottomest bottom of my heart!

Jason and Ms. Jaime!

Lunch @ Sushi King with Jason and Ms. Jaime. So thoughtful and sweet of them. <3>

Teatime/dinner with mum and bro. Sakae Sushi, Pyramid. Oh and did I mention I love unagi! Teppanyaki! My new favourites! ;)

Big thank you shout out to Terrence and Sandra! This birthday I realized my family didn't sing birthday song for me as we didn't put up candles on the slices of cakes they bought. Anyway, I refused to have a big cake when my mum asked. A struggle to finish most of the time also. ^ So yeah.. back.. Terrence and Sandra came over to my house to surprise me at 11:30pm. Sandra tried calling my hp many times but couldn't as I was using it. So Sandra called my house phone and kononnya need to talk something important to me. And as I opened the gate to meet her, there came the both of them singing in the middle of the night when neighbours are most likely to be found sleeping. I blew the candle on the lovely doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It was really "awww..." moments. Touched deep down inside. hahaha! *shy face*

And no need to mention, my awesome youth friends who gave me a lovely surprise just to make me feel touched and loved on Saturday. And I do really feel loved on that day. Thanks, ya'll! <33

If I could sum my whole birthday in one word, BLESSED would be the word! Truly blessed. And as much I thank all of my lovely friends, I want to thank my Father in Heaven who loves me so much more and He truly made me feel loved and special on my birthday too. How?!? Secret. Ask me personally, I'll tell. Without Him, I know my birthday wouldn't be as it was. Surely it was Him who was behind the scenes. Giving my friends thoughts to remember and celebrate my birthday. I choose to believe this way. I know He was working behind the scenes deep down in my heart. =)

Signing off.

Yay! My first August 2009 blog! Felt like ages since the last time I really blogged for real. ;p


† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

Apa nii ~ my name and Fee Vien name is not mention in the post weiii ~ XD

MarcusDS said...

hey ya..haha..i love sushi too..

how did GOd make u feel special? very kepo..

++MeLisSa++ said...

Hey Nicholas!

Thanks again so much for wishing me on my birthday yeah! And fyi, someone broke your record.. hahaha. no longer you the last to wish me. hehehe. but you still wished me. and i truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. see you when college reopens! tc! =)

++MeLisSa++ said...


Helloooo! =)
Yup sushi/ Japanese food is great. =)
Its okay.. this is not kepo.. it's curiousity. Well, on my birthday around 12am+ to 1am+ (cant remember the exact time, old liao..) God spoke to my heart He said,"You are so special to me, my child. And I love you very much." It was really cool coz it was like God was 'fighting' for your attention. It's like He wants you to know that you meant so much to HIm. Friends are blessings from God. And I'm very touched by the small little things friends who wished me, do the small lil things that touched my heart. But hearing God saying those words on your birthday makes it personal from God. and it is lovely! beyond what i can think of to describe.

And you know what ah? At 3am+, before I go to bed, something prompt me to open my Bible and read a note Wai Yan wrote for me during MYPG 3 at Alor Setar. And guessed what I came across...

"... He loves you so so much and your life is precious no matter what."

truly amazing!!! Great big super duper awesome God! :D

++MeLisSa++ said...

it was a confirmation of what I heard a few hours before. =)

MarcusDS said...

hahaha..hallelujah..our GOd truly is great huh!haha..we had a great LYPG session today..

++MeLisSa++ said...

=)) Glad to hear that! Keep it going and press on! Dont give up! Must really catch up with you or see u in MYPG 5 for live updates!!! hahah