Tuesday, August 11, 2009

au revoir et salut.

Both of my friends are leaving for US. I know the both of them through CF in SEGi College SJ. These people have been the strong pillars to CF and they served God faithfully in many ways.
Jason Tham is his name. He is one of the funny people who makes CF livelier just by being himself. I look up to him for his love for God- simple and pure love for God. Always ready to serve at all times. I remember those times Ms. Jaime and myself trying to finish the booklet for camp- typing, found out something was missing or wrong, so retype, print, reprint, photocopy, and again, arranging, stapler-ing. While I, the new secretary at that time who was supposed to know how to do it along with Ms. Jaime, my CF advisor struggled and started getting a little panic as next day was camp already, Jason on the other hand came to help us as we didn't have enough people to help, and not only did he helped to solve the problem, he was so calm and somehow had his way in accomplishing the booklet. Pro man! And while we were tearing the papers into 2, he joked and asked us:
Jason: What do you call the person who tears?
Me: Uhm.. Tearer..?
Jason: No, terrorist.
And the 3 of us started laughing off..
This guy can do almost anything. Games, worship, tell jokes, study, eat, sing, secretarial work also can... I guess he never really limit what he can do. super flexible. awesome!
Hey Jason,
I'm so going to miss you when you go to US. No one will help me out to do my secretarial work anymore. lol.. just kidding. You are an awesome friend. You helped me out in sending Chemistry powerpoints when I really needed it for reference as I lost my pp in my pendrive. Anyway, you are really cool lah. To me, you are just you. You never try to be someone else. I have not heard you using any filthy language or bad words (so far). Nor have I ever seen you bragging or flirting around with lecturers. You worked hard in your studies and you are disciplined. I pray you will keep holding on to God when you are in US. All the best in your future undertakings! See you when you are back in 2 years! God bless!

This is Jasmine Teh. Passionate, God-fearing, caring, likes to camwhore, shopping queen are some words to describe her. When i first entered college, she was one of the first Christians I know. She was like a big sister to me somehow in college. Once when I was trying to sell church carnival coupons to her to raise funds for new church building, without hesitating she bought it. And it really surprised me at her heart for God. Though I may not know her so well and spent much time with her in college, she is still one of the who has an amazing love for God that is also shown through the way she lives her life. Like Jason, she too has her own principles and will not compromise her faith for any other things. God bless you and watch over you every single moment in US. Take care! xx
Au revoir et salut.
which means goodbye and take care in French.
Gonna miss both of you!!!!!!!!


Jasmine a.k.a Hui Shin said...

Hey Melissa, thank you for the post. Really appreciate.
Do take care here. continue to be on fire for God. God bless you!

++MeLisSa++ said...

You're most welcome! Take care too! xx