Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How awesome my life would be, only if I had superpowers!

Parliment- A once (okay.. maybe a few.. ) in a lifetime experience. My advice; go if you ever get a chance. Seriously =)
Hello everyone! :))

How are you doing? I hope all is well! =)

I wanna always try to remember to thank God at all times! Thank God for the time to hang out at Mid Valley yesterday, with awesome people from MYPG and meeting new faces from Monash Uni! I totally enjoyed especially the time spent over the lunch table @ Spaghetti Grill. Talking on personality tests and seeing different personalities and characters especially some was entertaining. And I as my personality tells, am a pretty quiet one. ;D


Things I've accomplished today:
Updated 3 blogs- Segi CF, WiFi Camp, and mine! whee~
Sent emails to thank those who dropped by CF last 2 Fridays
Sent out emails for meeting time
Sorted out if there's quiz for Intercultural Comm.
And now... Re-check powerpoint slides for class tmr.

'I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me"

Jesus is the source of my superpowers! Though I get tired of doing soo many things at times *I'm just a human*, but when I fix my eyes on Jesus, He takes me higher than I think I could ever achieved. When I fix my eyes on tiredness and obstacles/ hardships, tiredness and staying at the same spot is where I will always be. Never know what I can do or what I cannot do... Unless I do and obey what God calls me to do. And of course, put my full trust in Him. Easier said than done. But possible! Nothing is impossible with God, that is!

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