Sunday, November 1, 2009

Straight to the core of my heart

Today at church, God reminded me that my securities should be found in Him. Not on friends, not on $$, not on my own self, and also worldly things that are temporal. My trust must be on God ALONE.

Well, sometimes I forget very fast. So, I need to blog it here. Lol.. Sometimes I know something is not right in my life, but I don't know which part or area. But when God speaks and convicts, it goes straight to the core of my heart. Here, He starts revealing what is wrong with my life. Which areas of my life that is ugly and not pleasing to Him. And His unfailing and big, deep love fills and overflows me too.

Awestruck by my Daddy! =)

Back to assignments. Oh and do you wanna know the proverb created by me when you face assignments? hahaha. Chiaoz! ;)


Vivien said...

Haha, you know what, i am about to share something like this post early. But dont know what to write......=D
Twins in mind too??
Ah Cheh... Haha...

You got the point, dont rely on temporal thing, fails us. Kena fail kao kao d...

But sometimes is easy to lose our sight on the big picture. Vision always got cover by the temporal temptation and stuff.......phew~

Really have to seek God everyday to clear the blockage of our vision.

++MeLisSa++ said...

Yes it's so true. We need to seek God's direction and His way that He has for us. If we choose our own ways, we'll be off/side tracked, away from God's great plans.