Sunday, November 29, 2009

Launch my youth like a cannonball

My church had a fund raising dinner for a new building last night- Fund The Fun Dinner @ SJKC Chee Wen. And our youth helped out in decorating the hall pumping hundreds of balloons, inserting bottle of sauces into the goodie bag.. Placing them on every seat. There's 100 tables. Each table about 12 chairs k.. COOL (Christ Our Only Lord) set up a booth to promote camp to all especially youths on that night. Wanna thank God for the 3 people who signed up. I'm sure those who signed up will have a life-changing camp by faith.

More pictures of dinner and others will come up I hope. Haha.

I'll be starting on a journey of reading a devotional and giving God 40 days to see what He wants me to do for the 40 days to come. Am curious yet excited at the same time to see how God can use my very tight and busy schedule to strengthen my faith by praying for other people's needs. I totally feel what the author is going through as I read a little of the book; how she felt so overwhelmed with all the responsibilities, both with her family and ministry that it consumed her life physically and emotionally. The important key in doing this devotion is to pray for others. As I pray for others, God will meet my needs. But that doesn't mean I can't pray for my own need, just that the focus will be more on praying for others rather than for myself. Teach me, Dad!

For more information on the book or if you want to read a little, feel free to search for Give Me 40 Days by Freeda Bowers at

Take care!!

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