Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joyful Friday

Tomorrow'a gonna be a busy, busy day.

My schedule:
8:30am-11:30am- Movies Class
11:45am-2:30pm- CF (Screening of Fireproof!)
12pm- Enter Eng 102 class to sign attendance and chiaoz (with lecturer's permission to all who finished presentation. Praise God!)
12:30pm-1 +pm?- Meeting with SC (Student Council)
1pm-1:45pm- Keyboard class
2pm-4:30pm- Money and Banking class
6pm-11+pm- Emerge KL @ Sunway Convention Centre
8:30pm- midnight- Cell group

People(or books) say that when you start to list down, you get a better picture and a better solution.
Well, I would say I got a clearer picture and now.. Finding out my priorities. Though most of them are?

Thank God that CF's annual report does not need to be done by tomorrow. Just got a rough idea on how to do it. Thanks to MMA's president, Kenrick Chua for the help. Now, I don't have to stay up late! Praise God, praise God!!!

Initially, I wanted to react big coz it's overwhelming, when I started to think of all that I have for tomorrow. Many clashes of agendas and meals- breakfast, lunch, dinner have to be squeezed. Till God gently nudge me on the way home from worship practise that He has given me His peace and He is in perfect control. Now I feel better, more at peace though nothing of my schedule changed. God's like my "Personal Assistant (PA)". (Of course He's more than that! hehe)Why? Coz He arranges my schedule and the places that I am supposed to go, and the things I'm supposed to do for Him. Well, sometimes I act smart.. Trying to do all on my own strength. Hence, I stumble or fall at times. But He offers His hands, picks me up and reminds me that this journey is not for me to go through(walk) alone. Oh how it comforts me!

So tomorrow's no doubt gonna be a super hectic (Fri)day, but I wanna enjoy my day at the same time!

"You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in You."
Isaiah 26:3 (The Bible)

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