Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13.01.09 =)

It's 4 days after getting my last semester's results. And I am still so grateful every day to God for my Business Law results. The gratefulness and the feeling of unbelievable is still pretty much on me.. Even more when I found out I'm one of the 2 students who got a B for Business Law. And that's the best result, as no one got an A. I know it wasn't my own strength, but by God's grace. He deserves the honor, glory and praise!

As I glanced back and recalled those moments of studying, I can just cry... ='(

It was really so pressuring, the intense atmosphere of my own world of not sure what grade I would get. The thing about Business Law is not just about understanding it, but also being able to write it out. At one point, I felt like I couldn't express what I've understood in writing. Freaky, I tell you! hahaha..

During the intense Business Law revision I had one week before exam, God has been my source of strength. I felt like giving up so many times. But God encouraged me through His Word- Nothing is impossible with God and also whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23

It was during those moments when I really needed encouragement and have to be optimistic even when I feel my world is literally so dark, God has been the light shining, guiding me and walking with me throughout the so called 'dark' or tough moments to me! Moments when I did not utter it out, but it was in my heart of giving up, God was telling me to hang on. Again and again... From that onwards, I've decided to study everything I can and just do my best and trust God for whatever results I will get. =)

One thing I've learnt is there is NO shortcut in life. And that goes the same for studies. There's no shortcut in studies. One must work & study hard. I used to think of the study smart concept and how it comforts us that we don't need to work so hard, just work smart; but now studying HARD is equally important! :))

It's really true... Trust God with all your <3

Well, truly God has shown me His power, His promise, His love & faithfulness in another semester again.

*Thank You, God!* <3<3<3

Tc.. Tata... =)

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