Thursday, January 29, 2009


God... I love YOU!
And I miss YOU very much too...
I'm sorry for seeking You wholeheartedly
Only when I needed You
Or when something unexpectedly good happens.
I'm sorry Lord
When You have to do and add certain things
To hold my heart closer to You
So that I would seek You.
I'm sorry that I draw close to You
Coz I needed You,
And not coz I had loved You sincerely...
I'm sorry, God...
I'm sorry...

I'm sorry, Lord. Real sorry. ='( I just wanna say "I love You. I really do, <3 You"

1 comment:

waiyan said...

and God is saying He really loves you too, Melissa!! :)

dear, we'll always NEED God :) we need Him every step of the way, in the good times and bad times, even the "okay" times.

we need Him. He is life, He is meaning, He is all you need. :)

continue to seek Him. He is always all that you ever need :)

it was lovely to have met up with you guys last friday. thanks for being such blessings! :)