Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Awaited Love

Attended my cousin brother's wedding dinner, tea ceremony and all... last Saturday to be exact. It's something once in a lifetime for them- marriage. Though it depends in the future. But I bellieve they'll stay strong despite the storms, winds and tornado(s) in life. =)

Anyway, will let the pics do the talking as usual. * Everybody SILENT PLEASE. Okay... Pics YOU CAN TALK now! Still can't hear you.. Louder please... =p* I'm crazy now. I know actually. hahah..

Btw, before the dinner night.. Had Bachelor's Night... So I guess I'll blog from dates which is much easier to see and to do. =)

2nd Jan 09 (Fri) - BACHELOR'S NIGHT
Had dinner. Played Nintendo wii. Roamed around the super big new house. Glanced their wedding photos. Superbly nice~

My ever gorgeous cousins- Su Chen, Su Ann and me

Nintendo wii.. Seriously uber cool! Played it for the FIRST time & AMAZED! Just tie the consoler's strap around your wrist and move your wrist around to play. XD
Stitch is bigger than what you see over here!

Wedding photo album. Nice~

TEA CEREMONY - 3rd January 09 (noon)
On the way for this tea event, we got lost and ended up on the highway; paying 2 tolls... just because we missed a turn. but we reached finally. thank God!

Here comes the bride!

Grandma =)

Ada gaya photographer, cuz! =)
Bride and groom =)

Parents and parents-in-law ;)

WEDDING DINNER - 3rd January 09 (nite)
Had plenty of fun + camwhore sessions with cousins especially & others too, not forgetting really great, sumptious food! Really good! So not kidding. Was held @ Nikko Hotel, 3rd of January 2009 =)

Siblings. "We know how to camwhore too! =p"

hahah.. that's what they do to the guys before getting the bride. oh btw, it's video being played.

random shot. trying to act like a pro photographer. lol

Camwhore gang on wedding night XD

God given family =)
did funny things & snapped funny shots after dinner ended. but, not posting them up. pai seh.. hah..
cuzzy wuzzy cousins!
FINISHED. DONE. OVER. HAHAH.. Took quite sometime. was blogging & chatting...

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