Friday, February 6, 2009

10 years old P.O.V. ;)

Had a short conversation with my youngest bro yesterday. Was supposed to be helping him out in a short essay titled "Cita-cita" which means ambition.

Along the way in helping him, I asked him from what he wrote,
Me: Why do you want to be a doctor?
Bro: Because get alot of money.
Me: Be a police also can get alot of money what...
Bro: Police gets little money.
Me: Then you be the sergeant, high ranked officer... Can get alot of money what. *Trying to ask him to change as I know being a doc is not what he likes. And I could hardly find any other reasons to help him in his essay why he wants to be a doc.*

Another bro passed by in the living room...

Me: What other reasons to give in wanting to be a doctor?
Him: ...
Him: Be a penjaga anjing. Or a rubbish collector.
Small bro: They earn very little money,right?
Me to small bro: *smiles* It's how you see it. You can open a place to take care of dogs and do business. *explaining to him its not about which job earns alot and what dont. It's about doing what you like*

Slight conversation carried on. Cant remember what was said.

Back to me and my youngest bro...

Bro: Chi, what is your ambition?
Me: *Thinks* I want to be the girl God wants me to be! *says excitedly, and wanting to give an out of the box answer*
Bro: Why don't be ___________? * the list of not very good jobs... (bad ones, actually)
Me: Do you think this is what God wants me to be?
Bro: Nope! *in an innocent tone*
Me: Then what do you think God wants me to be?
Bro: To give praise to God. *I was amazed, frankly speaking. But I know God uses the simplicity of childrens' mind to speak to us at times* And be a pastor. No, not pastor. Be a pastress. Coz mistress is for girls so pastress is also for girls. *What a thought. How come lady pastors are not called pastress? hahaha*

I've learnt that recently again.
  • Just be yourself.
  • Do what you like.
  • Be who God wants you to be, not others.
  • Be confident in who you are and in who God created you to be-His masterpiece.
And really, talking to children can be very interesting at times. Their simple mindedness, straight-to-the-point and innocent. I like! =)

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