Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time of My Life =)

Wonderful people of God! :) I thank God very much for these very people He has placed in my life during my 2 months + stint in National Service. They are the very people who encouraged, loved, cared and prayed for each other especially when any one of us were down, or faced difficulties in one way or another. We are the Kem PLKN Batu Jong Siri 5/Kump 2 *i guess* CFers! WE ROCK! no?! Haha.

Anyway, gonna keep the words in this post brief. So the pictures will do the rest of the work. ;)

Best pose of the year (Male) Lol.. =)

And best pose of the year (female) hehe.. They're gonna 'kill' me if they see this. hahah.

Dorm mate+ CCBC member ;) + CF friend + good friend=XIN HUI =)

semi failed shot i guess.. =(

Happy people :D

Wai Yan.. Awesome in the inside :)

Good brothers in NS.. the 'jokers'.. And clowns.. ppl who make CF livelier.. xp


Julian (Initial Ketua CF before Wai Yan took over after he left)

Food, food... Ah... Food... Starbucks!

Chocolate sprinkling time ;)

And lastly, the pic of us together in National Service.
Missing in this gathering: Eleazar, Wei Yee, Renee, Shen Yang. Unfortunately, 2 out of these 4 of them lare iving in perak =(

Happy Sunday! XD

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