Sunday, February 8, 2009




What better way could it be than to experienced the power of prayer yourself before going for a prayer meeting???
Answer: No better way.

Anyway, just a short post. My friends and I were on the way to go for LYPG and his car suddenly broke down not long after picking me up.

Jason: *speaking to Julian* Do you feel my car is ________? (not so good signs from the car.. cant remember what exactly)
Me: *heard their conversation but didn't really bother. thought nothing would happen..*
Not more than 20 seconds later, Jason stopped his car at the side of the LDP and I was like 'what happened?'

Anyway, the car 'died'. The four of us got down the car... Checked the car, but still couldn't find out the cause of it. =( Car could not start up. It would die back again even if it could start up. (Am I right, Jason?)

*things happened. but I shall go straight to the point*

In the end, Julian suggested that we pray... and we prayed... and guess what???

The car started up again! WITHOUT STOPPING AND DYING OFF AGAIN! THANK GOD!!! :DD Jason asked us, 'should we continue going or go home coz afraid can go but cannot come back...?' Of course continue! lol. On our way back we stopped a few times for the car to rest, but it was great and worth it overall to be able to attend lypg, for me. I wanted to be there, knowing this is where God wants me to be for that day. :)

All in all, thank God for bringing us there and for helping us to reach there safely. ;)
Thank You for testing our faith. hahaha.
Thank You for a great time of Your presence. =)
Thank You for showing me who to ask to go. It wasn't by accident that each of my friends were there.
Last but not least, a big thank you to my friends who came along with me. THe 3 J(s)- Jason, Ji Chuan and Julian. Appreciate your company alot! But most of all, it is God who has planned for you all to be there for a purpose, not coincidence. =)

*Updated as requested... haha It's done =)*

Take care. Goodnight. Chiaozz..

& Happy Thaipusam & Chap Goh Meh =)

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