Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missing you like crazy!!! =(

I miss you very much, Hannah! You're one of the bestest girlfriend I ever had. Thanks for being a great blessing and encouragement to me! You've impacted my life to who I am today. And yes, you've added colours to my old school days! XD

It's crazy having to let you go... Just now, jc asked me. "How come I looked like I don't feel anything that my friend is going?" I answered, "You expect me to cry now?"
Okay.. Truth been spoken. Although I don't LOOKED like I've lost a friend, I totally FELT like I've lost one of the people who meant the world to me. I've cried several times. I've sobbed several times. Well, mum was right when she said I should feel happy for you that you are pursuing your studies at a higher level. At first, it didn't make sense that I should feel happy when my friend is leaving.. But now, I agree with her on this. Though I still don't feel totally happy inside yet honestly.

Anyway, I know that God will always be watching over you there in Australia. He is the One who will take good care of you and protect you while you are far far away from home. He has great plans for your life. And I pray that you will shine for Him wherever you are. Stay HOT in Him, hottie!

I'll miss you very very much! Sigh.. I already am!


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