Thursday, September 18, 2008


Strong and tough
Funny and loving
Pretty and sweet
Never ending
This is the girl I've been talking
And now I am, finally showing.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Presenting to you........

Ms. Ng Su Ann =D haha..


Hey, you're 15 years old this year! Quite 'old' already. Lol.

Actually BIG girl already.

Well, you are one of my hippest(coolest) cousins around. Haha..

Just want to encourage you

Things may never seem to go the way you want

But Jesus is the way to run

Your refuge, strong tower and deliverer

He loves you forever and ever

Hold on to Him day and night

And He will never let you go out of His sight

Trust in Him with all your heart

And He will never break your heart.

*haha. I never thought I would end up writing this way.

Anyway, I must say I am so proud of you to have seen you grown in faith. I think it's a real privilege to see you grow. Continue to hang on to Him. Run the race God has called you to and fight the good fight. May you be the salt and light for Him wherever you are- school, home,church, outside.. Anywhere you can walk or go to! Hehe.. Stay strong. Stay pretty. Stay cool. Stay YOU! Jesus loves you very much! And yup, I heart you too! =)

* The reason I've put Happy Birthday instead of Happy Belated Birthday (and still not changing it) not becoz I'm not aware of it, but coz it was meant to be a birthday post and not a belated birthday post. Just that I couldn't find the time to blog earlier.

So yeah, Happy Birthday,cuz! =)

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