Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mighty Inventions... ;)

With people living in this era where technology is greatly advancing ; the impact of technology on inventions, after inventions, constantly amaze us at the wonders of its wide variety of shapes, sizes and most of all,the purpose of the invention itself. Below are some pictures of "interesting" inventions which are only available in Japan!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy as Japan takes you on a ride presenting to you their great and mighty inventions!
The very first one...

Butter stick!

mini house cleaner... *sigh* *poor baby*

you named it.

hhmm.. i'm not really sure what's the purpose of this. to protect the head? haha..

I personally like this. very useful for a bowl of hot maggi.. lol..

winnie the pooh toast bread =)

shoe protector from the rain

Last but not least....

* get ready for the most mind-blowing invention*






speechless,right? lol..

Hhmm... I wonder when will we see such inventions in Malaysia itself?

Cheers! =)

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