Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Boy... It's the end of September already.
Look at how time flies ~
Things changed.
People changed.
Situations changed.
But my God
Never changes. =)

Throughout the past weeks
I've gone through many things
Learnt many things
Stressed up over a number of things
=) over several things
And :'( over some things
But God has been with me
Comforting and directing me

Tough times were present
And weren't absent
Where I struggled
Letting my emotions and feelings
Take its toll on me
Till I've found myself
Troubled and worried

Things hasn't been smooth sailing
Nor a bed of nice, sweet smelling roses
How I wished ;D
But as I have said
God has been there
Throughout all the ups and downs
Of high rides of emotions
Thanks be to Him
And because of Him
I've found myself
Back in who I am in Him
My strong tower
Refuge and Redeemer
I'm found once again
In His everlasting arms

A song of His - Everlasting God

You never change
You're still the same
You are the everlasting God
You will remain
After the day is gone
And the things of earth have passed
Everlasting God

p/s: Many times we can't solve problems, change circumstances... Though we wished upon a star that we could. I guess it's time to stand back and learn to trust God and see how His hands move the mountains in your life.

I've also learnt... Never be controlled by your emotions. Emotions has no right to control your life till it makes you feel one of a kind, be it lost, directionless and etc. You get what I mean. =) We're to walk by faith, not by feelings. Sometimes, we must choose an attitude that God wants us to have, that's contrary to the way we feel.

*Oh, do wake me up when September ends. :))

Green Day

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