Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life is unpredictable, but I enjoyed every single learning moment with You


I don't know if I can take this any further. From one testing to another testing and the list goes on; I don't know when is it going to end. I now understand what Job went through- from one testing to another. I feel I could relate to Job. Lord, how ironic is it that I could not find some one that I'm close with to relate to, but instead Job who lived long ago is whom I can relate to. Lol.. And yes, Lord, I know what I'm going through is probably even nothing compared to Job who lost his wife, his friends sneered at him, endured all kinds of afflctions brought by the devil.. He's so tough and strong in You.

No matter what the devil can throw at me, my faith in You remains strong. When I asked you why am I going through these and how long more... "You said You are enlarging my capacity to contain more of You." But when I pray that it will end faster, You ain't happy... I can see that what's coming in the months to come- the new responsibilties, new journey, new leading, new challenges and adventures. You are really changing and moulding my heart. Ever since January started, You are so concern that you would not even let a minute go to waste in doing what You can to teach. THERE'S SO MUCH YOU'RE ARE DOING!

Well the downside, my friends will keep thinking that I'm emo, heartsick, heart broken, stress and whatever reasons I can think of whenever they see me cry. Uh it''s embarrassing especially when they see me, someone older than them cry.. Really lose 'face' lah. But nevertheless, I have never let it stop me from allowing You to speak to me, convict me, love me, hear what You have to say or feel or even what You are doing. It's crazyyy yet amazinggg, for reasons!

Weell, Your will be done in my life. All I ever ask of is that You don't leave me. I can't live life without You. My life will never be the same O Lord. My greatest asset is You, God.

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