Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ohana means family. family means... nobody gets left behind or forgotten =)

People often ask me what I have been busy about..
Well, my Intercultural Dance performance and booth set up was one of th many. Below is my group's dance performance which we've been practising almost every day for the month of late Oct, Nov and Dec last year. Do check it out if you'd like to. The one at the sidebar can only be viewed half. So yeah. Praise God for the pretty good responses we've received! Halleluyah!

Groupie! From left: Christine, farah, Sharmisttha, Melissa, Staci, Reynolds

Working as a group is not easy. There were good times, conflicts etc but I thank God coz He has placed each of us there as a group for a purpose. I began to see the strengths and also the weaknesses of each of us.

Christine- She's a brave girl. She'll get whatever she wants and whatever she needs, in her own ways though. She knows how to use whatever she has to attain it. She is a good dancer and a real good choreographer. Cheerleading, dancing is her thing.

We got a sponsorship from Sunway Group for our costume, thanks to Christine. =)
Background pic was Sunway Lagoon, trying out our costumes.

Staci- She's creative, full of ideas and thinks thoroughly before carrying out something. A very busy girl who is in charged of the college's UIU's Fayette House. A brilliant girl who carries herself well in socializing with people.

This is one of the many creative ideas of Staci's. Credits to Staci.

Reynolds- Well, also another brain in this group. He reads alot and is knowledgeable. Thus, he got the responsibility to read a book on the Portuguese Settlement for one of our presentations and summarize it for us. He is always ready to contribute whatever is needed for this group. He carried packets of ice on the day of the booth and performance by BUS ALONE!

Farah- Fuh.. A natural dancer. No dance classes or any background in dancing, and she dances really well. Like really, really well! Though she often has transportation problems in coming for practices, nevertheless, she danced well on that day. Proud of her!

Sharmisttha- Gorgeous is one word to describe her. haha. The kids you see in the video/pics are her cute tiny lil cousins. The flowers you see at our booth are borrowed from her mother. She's also one who's like a natural dancer. She shakes her hips really well, so pro. Don't believe, look at the video. (orange shirt!)

Melissa- Yours truly.. Not for me to say. =)

I want to thank Cheng fee Vien, the girl below for coming on that day to support me and also, to see how it's like where Intercultural Comm will now be her subject the next sem! Thank you for being supportive though you often have transport problems, but you still came! THANK YOU, FEE VIEN!!!

Below are some shots taken with other group members who did a brilliant job too in making this event a success!

Another of our group photo with the kids. Farah is missing! Behind is our booth.

That's all for now. Take care!

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