Thursday, January 21, 2010

My passion- God

Time flies so fast! It's the 21st already. January has been exciting because God never fails to surprise me with the things He could do, tiring for so many different reasons every day, lovely for the doors He has open for me, unlovely when yucky things happen such as getting sick.

Anyway, I thought of doing a January wrap-up post but I don't think I can. It'll take forever literally.

So here it begins. =)

1. Do you know the status update we type on facecbook is so powerful? Guess you won't know coz it made me fall sick. Because of this sentence- "Rescue me from the boat of complacency." I couldn't believe it that I fell sick and still am after 1 week because of that one sentence! Well, the reason this happen is not because of a status update but a real heart's cry to not stay in the comfort zone where all is so nice and comfy (which I tend to like)... And now what the Bible says that the devil is prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour. Guess he found me... To summarize it, yes it affected my life- falling sick is not nicee ok?, my mood etc.. But God allowed this to happen to teach me that though I'm in the midst of my own problems, God taught me to look at other people's needs and pray for them. And of course, to always be alert and pray.

2. God has opened a new door for me for my future career. I failed my Grade 8 piano's practical last year. Hence, I have to re-sit. But it does not stop there. God has turned my failure into a blessing in disguise. Because I failed, I had to look for another teacher coz my current teacher just gave birth and her schedule is so pack according to her. I trusted God that He knows which is the right one for me coz He's the one that reminded me; surely He has a plan for me. Anyway, I called my ex-piano teacher who owns the piano school to ask if she could accept me as a student again (quite embarrassing honestly). I quitted that piano school in 2005 because of PMR. My ex piano teacher told me years ago that she will hire me when I finish my Grade 8. I never thought of this to happen coz I quitted last time. But God brought me back to her. Right at Grade 8 (re-sit). God certainly has His own sense of humor. HIs timing is always, always James Bond's timing. chun~! I'm planning to work coz I have to pay off my education loan on my own (parents MIGHT help in the future) and I plan to work as a tuition teacher or/and a piano teacher as side income even before I graduate, only if it's God's will. =))

I've always, always wanted to work, but God never allowed me to work. Once when I asked Him can I work, He gave me an answer which is, "You have no time."- which was true. Other times, no peace in my heart. Last semester precisely, I thought I could look for a job for 2 weeks and I won't have problems going there coz my brother works at Pyramid. I thought God allowed me. Off I brushed my teeth. All of a sudden, my eyes began to itch. I just touched (haven't even rub) and it became red. Sigh.. So I know it's not God's will for me to work yet. Those jobs at Pyramid pays RM5 per hour. Poor brother honestly. And God reminded me, you cannot serve both God and money. conviction. ouch.

Deep down I've always know that God has a different plan for my life, somehow. He directs my path. I know God always wants to bless me and every child of His abundantly, only if we will obey His voice. I've always remembered what my friend Jessica shared in LYPG. Being obedient to God means when God says you run, you run.. When He says you stop, you stop. When He says you eat, you eat. You fast, you fast.

You can never buy God's voice with money. To me, hearing God's voice is sooo precious. Hearing (and feeling) what's in His heart- the pain, the joy is invaluable. No matter how rich you are, you can never buy God's precious voice. God taught me to listen to His voice, to always check in tune with Him. Hear His directions, His will. This is what I call EXCITINGGGG!!!!! Maybe this is what keeps me passionate about till this day. Though I have to clearly say, hearing God's voice is not only for me. And it does not suddenly happen. The more you desire to hear from God, spend time with Him, love Him with all your heart, you will definitely experience them.

Till then, cheers!


MarcusDS said... late i knw..but this is inspiring Mellie!=) God really does use testimonies to reach out to others!=)

charmain said...

This has encouraged me. Been having questions and doubts about the next step. I have to keep trusting Him that He knows what He's doing.

++MeLisSa++ said...

Haha! It's okay to be late here, Marcus. =) Yeah, testimonies are powerful coz they are real lives experiences. May our lives be walking testimonies! Amen =)

Charmain: Great to know it has encouraged you! Yup! Keep trusting God to direct your path in your studies and all else! =)