Monday, January 25, 2010

Hold on to your dreams

I've digged up some old yet very precious treasures, in the midst of clearing my very messy room. Those pictures used to be oh-so-dear to me!

A friend of mine wanted to borrow a Vince's album which I digged through my drawer only to find that I do not own that particular album. Nevertheless, I've found some old precious photos. I shall let the pictures speak.

I think this was my first time meeting Vince in person. My dad went all the to The Mines from PJ okay to drop me and my mum! Now thinking, my parents were crazy! Lol.. Nah, they just loved me so much, don't they, to 'obey' (give in to) my desires? No wonder, I love them too. =p

How this picture was my favourite. Vince's motto- "Hold On To Your Dreams."

He was more than an artiste to me. He inspires and encourages me through his beliefs, godliness and character. A man who never fails to give praise to God whenever he wins an award- big or small! I guess these are the few main reasons why I used to be 'crazy' =)

K moving on.. I found some memories that brings back my highschool fond memories. Here's two of them. Cocuriculum was one of the things that kept me very busy throughout my highschool years. LEO Club, Chess, Rangers, CU.... you name it. But it's good because I've been
'trained' to be involved and active in many things. Juggling things.

Oops, This Is Our God Album background behind my pictures. Love it though.



Abel said...

Heyy. I saw something. Leo Club!? =D Tell me about it. =)

Vivien said...

Is this the Vince u talking bout in Subway?
Tht we saw his bro??