Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Much Longer?

* A poem written in my classroom last year while I was trying to absorb Chemistry facts into my head.. And understanding just one or a few pages can take hours.. Till I came to the point where I felt so stressed up about it and with so many other subjects that needed my time and attention, I don't know how much more I can take it.. I'm so tired,so weared up... Wondering how much longer must I bear with all these.. Thus,this poem came about.. And how one of God's worship songs reminded me that trials and suffering may seem long, but eternity will be even longer.. Enjoy! ^


I’m sitting against this hard,plastic chair,
Laying aside my thick Chemistry book,
Pondering why life is so tough...
How much more must I persevere,
To finish the race that I’ve fought?
How much longer?
How much more?
I wonder...

I feel like I’ve drifted away from Him,
Yet I know He is always there,
Only to find that He is waiting,
For me to call on Him...

I feel so tired and weary,
With the things of this world screaming at me,
Just to gain my attention,
And I’m partly affected...
It feels like all the trials and sufferings,
Pains and difficulties,
Are big and will never end,
Only to find that this is only the beginning,
Swallowing me up,time after time,
Day after day...
I wonder,would I be drown by it...

But hey,is He not greater than all of the above?
Is He not bigger and stronger?
Is His ways not higher?
His hands not bigger?
His love not deeper?
I’ll choose to trust in Him,
Knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me,
And His promises are Yes and Amen!
Trials and sufferings in this world may seem bigger...
And will never end,
But deep down,
I’m assured...
That things waiting for me in eternity,
Are far more greater than all my sufferings here.

10 July 2007

* Inspired by last Sunday’s worship (8 July 07) from the song All Hail King Jesus~And throughout eternity, I’ll sing Your praises, And I’ll reign with You throughout eternity~ It means to me that the trials and sufferings in this world seems big and will never end, but I’m assured that things waiting for me in eternity are far more greater than all I’m going through now and about to go through in the many years to come. This tough times seem long,but eternity will even be longer. What am I going to do throughout eternity,I wonder? Worship! Yes,worship. =)

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