Thursday, August 7, 2008

Passion World Tour!!!

Awesome. Wonderful. Beautiful. Awestruck. Ah... Indescribable! Passion World Tour was DA BOMB!!! God was magnificent in that place. It was a really beautiful and amazing moment to see my generation, people of my age get together, to unite in one voice worshipping and declaring the faith of our one and only God!

Though I missed the first 45 mins,thank God the worship was not totally over yet. Louie Giglio preached and his message for the day was almost nothing than an ordinary diary written by an ordinary girl. But wait.. It's not just it. There's more to come. This girl's name was Ashley. Ashley wrote about her life, what she had went through, how her boyfriend had betrayed her again and again,how she thought that God would not love a girl who had messed up her life. But Ashley's life began to take a 180 degrees turnaround, when Ashley's friend named Fruitcake, attended Passion and shared with Ashley about what God had done for her. Soon,Ashley began to know more about God and believed in Him. Ashley found that God loved her so much no matter how much she had messed up. God wanted her to know that nothing,absolutely nothing that she had done could ever stopped Him from loving her more. But unfortunately, Ashley passed away in an accident. And she had only knew God for like barely 3 months! But her testimony has touched many lives. Her testimony has indeed glorified God. An ordinary girl who is able make an impact in so many people's lives. Who would have thought of that? ^So no matter how much you may have thought you've messed up your life and there is no more hope for you,please remember ONE thing- there is a God who cares for you and your life matters to Him. Do not let your past nor your failures resist you or hinder you from moving on in your life. There is still hope,joy and peace that can be found in the loving hands of God. No matter how dark your day may be, wait, sunshine will appear tomorrow. Persevere. Keep persevering. Do not lose hope. It's always worth waiting. And trust me,you would not regret. =)

Okay,after the sermon,we continued with songs of worship! woot! The God of this city was lifted up high! Seriously I tell you, God's presence was so strong. It really moved my heart. I have to say that going for this Passion concert ignited the fire in my heart once again to rise up and stand in the gap for my generation.

Greater things are yet to come,greater things are yet to be done in this city...
To the God of this City be the glory,honor and praise forever and ever!

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Julia said...

amen and amen!
Jesus is the God of this city, nation, world, universe!! :D