Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Kinda like had tummyache yesterday night.. During my beauty sleep.. It hurts but can still tahan lah till morning. The cause precisely:


Argh... Guess I didn't drink enough water after eating..

By the way,I ate about 6 to 7 pieces of durians last week and nothing happened to me.. But yesterday.. only 2.. Sigh.. Anyway,someone once mentioned to me that eating durians and chocolates at once can cause death! How true is that statement? I do not know.. =)

Lessons learnt: Don't eat too much.. Be modest.. And most of all,drink MORE water!!!

A fact.. Durians are aplenty almost every season. Just take a short-distance drive down the road and you'll see many stalls being set up selling the King of Fruits. Talk about having a family who are passionate about durians especially the guys in my home.. The contentment and satisfaction on their very faces speaks everything.. And I like seeing them happy.. And it happens only when they eat.... DURIANS!!! :D

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