Tuesday, August 26, 2008




President of what you may ask? President of Chi Cha Bon Cha Club! Hahaha.. Knowing you in National Service has been one of the most beautiful things in my life. Sharing and savouring those sweet and not-so-sweet moments with you during National Service has really been a sweet pleasure. I miss those days where we talked and laughed together, cried together, made fun of each other, encouraged one another,listened to songs on mp3, exercised together and so on.. You were my closest friend out of the many very close friends I had. I've never met someone so beautiful inside out like you,someone so filled with a heart of compassion.. I recalled once when we,the CCBC Club members came across the news of the huge number of people dying in Myanmar, you were so reactive.. You said with so much of distress feelings "hen chan ler..." And I think it is a rare thing nowadays, rarer than finding a precious gemstone; to be able to find someone so compassionate like you. =)

You are a very independent and loving girl. Our friendship was not built on the language that we spoke,but rather built on love. And that goes the same for the CCBC group. I remembered you once mentioned to me "Imagine now we speak like that (broken english + cantonese + very little of mandarin/malay) also so close already, imagine how close we can be if we can talk better(in a language that we are both comfortable in. And yes,btw, I'm a banana literally. sad case)." And I can't help but nodded in agreement. teehee.. ^

I do not have many personal pictures of just the both of us due to not having a camera most of the time in NS except for the last 2 weeks of NS. But the memories are captured in my heart and my mind and will live on forever.

Chi Cha Bon Cha Club members.. =p

my friend who does silly things with me and on me too.. and likewise.. hehe..

my/our favourite ice-cream Lava partner :D

I don't think our friendship is either built on words or pictures too. Rather,it is built on what we had shared and gone through together. Agree? ^ We really got to meet up soon! Teehee.. Once again,
A ring is round
It has no end
Just like our friendship
For you my dear friend. =)


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