Monday, August 18, 2008

What a tragic day!

Yesterday, after church.. As my mum,my small bro and myself were just standing outside the car at the car park lot.. a chinese man with one of his hand full of dried-up blood stains together with his wife,who was driving the motorbike all of a sudden stopped by to ask for a few hundred bucks! The man said he just met with an accident and urgently needs money to see a doctor. Alot of brief conversations carried on here as my mum bagan to questioned him as to why can't he go to a doctor nearby but all the way to his so-called company's doctor. And he replied,"It's cheaper." And he said he would return the money later on.. He will give his wife's IC for us to keep as a guarantee.. Bet the IC is fake.. Anyway, mum gave him RM 10 to help him coz as she says we do not know what desperate situation they are in. And at least he will go away.. After he saw my mum giving his wife the RM 10,he headed to another car starting the same thing all over again.. showing his hand full of dried blood and began to ask for money again..

Honestly, I felt a little disappointed to see that chinese couple doing such a thing.. The stories,the lies.. Everything.. I don't like it.. But at the same time I pray that whatever circumstances they're going through,I pray God will bring them through.. It breaks my heart to see them do such a thing.. But yet I believe they are in a desperate enough situation to lead them to carry out such actions..

And I thank my God so much for protecting each and every one of us yesterday. Anything could have happened yesterday. Really anything! Who knows if he would just snatch my mum's handbag.. Or mine.. Who knows if he is hiding a knife or anything? Who knows if he would hurt my youngest bro or anyone of us.. And the lists of who knows goes on.... So, once again.. Thank You God, so much for Your protection and covering.. It's amazing to know that no matter what situations be it dangerous or not,YOU,God are still in control. =) And having the peace that is beyond understanding..

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