Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am sick~ The strange thing was I dreamt in my beauty sleep informing my mum that I'm feeling feverish. And when I woke up... VOILA! Felt feverish. Not only did I had fever,had a pretty bad phlegm which irritates my throat and thus coughed, and a very bad sorethroat too.. sigh.. My fever was quite high yesterday.. That my ears are literally burning! Which leads to headache.. Can you imagine how hot I felt? And my legs! Are like jelly-like kind of feeling. Walking has never been so tiring... Not only that.. had body pain... I couldn't rely on myself to do things as usual.. sigh.. But another strange thing is though I had fever, my stomach's metabolism is still functioning like normal.. As though I 'm not sick at all.. Felt hungry.. And craved for food.. Feeling hungry is miserable for me. Haha.. You know when you have fever,you would begin to loose your appetite to eat.. And you would also cover yourself up in a blanket coz you're feeling cold.. and yet hot at the same time.. I didn't go through these.. strangely..

But in moments like this... Above all my body uneasiness,pain, and jelly-like feeling, I praise God coz He is my Healer! Woot.. Hehe.. But this time,I fell sick for a reason.. A particular reason that God loved me so much that He had to allow me to fall sick to get my attention.. =( During this semester break,I had been so busy and preoccupied with my own stuffs.. Olympics, piano,driving,cooking,television,reading,Internet,cleaning up my room and more... And God seem to have taken almost the last place. I only spend real,genuine quality time with Him at night or midnight for this semester break. Yet, talking to Him even if it could just be a simple, straight from the heart 5 mins, I can feel His presence right straight at my face.. But I have to get this straight. Prayer is not about feeling Him whether He 's there or not. It's about faith-believing though not seeing (or feeling) but yet knowing He hears your prayers.. =) This shows how much He longs for His children whom He created fearfully and wonderfully to spend time with Him.

Sometimes,you know.. you can get so caught up running around being busy with your own things and plans, and in the end, you've failed to get tuned in to hear that gentle,,little still voice that speaks inside of you. And I'm one of them now. sigh..

One thing I've learnt.. God will NEVER run out of plans in finding ways to get connected back to you.. Really.. And I'm so amazed by that! God's techniques,methods in drawing one back into His loving arms are so,so unpredictable! Who would have thought God would allow someone to fall sick to get healed spiritually? Haha.. Only because He loves us and longs for us so much that He does things to draw His children back to Him.

It is not the healthy who needs a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Luke 5:31

What a lesson for my very first semester break.. sigh.. But one thing for sure,this will be the most memorable thing/lesson during this 3 weeks of sem break. Not the ordinary and things-to-accomplish sem break anymore, but an interesting,I-won't-forget-what-had-happened sem break!

P/s: you can check out Tracy's blog.. How God had drawn her closer by allowing her to fall sick too. It's not merely coincidence that I've mistaken her for my another friend's blog, but God's hands was leading me even when I'm on the Net.. haha..

Cheers! :D

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